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2020 Year of Electric, Top EV Automakers By Sales

As the whole word is moving to the more environmentally friendly fuels and less emission, the production of electric cars has been sharply grown. In 2020 although the hard situation had surrounded all markets, but the increase of all-electric and hybrid vehicles had good record. As EV sales Blog reports, 3,124,793 plug-in cars were sold in 2020 and more than 68% of them were battery-electric. Also, the reveals show the changes in the market and new brands on it

News February 8, 2021

2022 Volkswagen ID.6 Revealed With Capability Of Carrying 7 Passengers

Volkswagen ID.6 has Revealed as the latest 7-seater electric car. It will sit on the Volkswagen ID.4 model with a more modern look and a new powertrain. The Volkswagen ID.6 has a different front facia compared to the ID.4 as it has larger headlights up front and redesigned faux intakes

News February 7, 2021

Trinity, The Name of Volkswagen All-Electric Car

Just recently the CEO of Volkswagen brand, Ralf Brandstatter, with a picture, has revealed the long-term plan of this German company for the brand-new halo electric car. this EV is still just a car under the fabric. By the way, its important to have a name for it. And more important have a specific plan to build it. It seems that VW has both of them

News January 23, 2021

The 2021 Volkswagen Caddy 5 Is On The Way To The Market

VW caddy is one of the most popular MPVs in the market with more than 2 million sales during its 40 years of production. Now for 2021 VW is planning to launch the Volkswagen Caddy 5

News January 6, 2021

2021 Volkswagen Arteon Plug-In Hybrid Is Available For The European Market

The Beloved Volkswagen has launched a new model, with two different variants named Arteon and Arteon Shooting Brake. The new 2021 models have eHybrid power system, which is emission free during the everyday commute. Since Germany's 95 percent of the daily routs are shorter than 50 km, the carmaker believes that its new Arteon, is going to be enough for the daily journeys, relying only the electric range only.

News November 28, 2020

Volkswagen Golf TGI Could Travel More Than 400 Km On Natural Gas

VW recently revealed a CNG version of the Golf eighth-generation. This model is called the Golf TGI and can uses both petrol and natural gas. The Mk8 Golf TGI can run up to 403 km relying on its gas tanks. Buyers can get their Volkswagen Golf TGI in both 5-door hatchback and station wagon

News November 8, 2020

New Version Of VW ID4.X, Exclusive For Chinese Market

Volkswagen ID.4 had a good start and did hit the market successfully. This Electric Car has already sold many vehicles. Newly it was revealed that china will have their own ID.4 type with some slight changes. This special edition is named ID.4 X.

News November 5, 2020

2021 Volkswagen Golf GTD, A Diesel Hot Hatch With A Sporty Powertrain

VW introduced a new variant of the Golf MK.8 called VW GTD. It must be considered as one of the sportiest diesel cars in the market because its 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI engine can produce 197 hp and 400 nm of torque. The engine is connected to a 7-speed automatic transmission

News October 27, 2020

Volkswagen Taos Differs In Brazil, Latin America Keeps The Old Engine

Some days ago, Volkswagen had officially debuted Taos in the U.S. this car as is programmed, is going to replace the Golf slightly. This crossover is going to play an important role for the company. Also, not just in the United States, but also in some regions of the Latin American you can apply to buy one. But there are some differences

News October 16, 2020

Volkswagen Touareg eHybrid And R PHEV Launched In Europe

VW has officially started selling the Touareg eHybrid and R PHEV in Europe. Both new variants of the Touareg are plug-in hybrid cars with the same V6 turbocharged engine alongside an electric motor

News October 16, 2020

2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport Announced, The German Hot Hatch

VW has just announced the 2021 Golf GTI Clubsport as a hotter version of the current GTI. The hot hatch uses the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine as the Golf GTI

News October 14, 2020

2021 Volkwagen ID.4 Debuts With 125-Mile Range

At last, the waiting is over and the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 as the long-range electrical vehicle is debuted. This new EV car by Volkswagen offers the 125-mile range in just one charging which when it would be compared with the E-Golf for example, ID.4’s range is quite interesting

News September 24, 2020

New Ranger, Better Than New VW Amarok, Birkic Claims

Recently in this March, ford and Volkswagen announced they cooperation for the new pick-ups under the VW brand. Of course, Ford has a great record for building sport pick-ups like Ranger. Despite of this cooperation, as the carsales reports, president of the blue oval in the Australia, Andrew Birkic claims that the next generation of the new Ranger is definitely better than the Amarok R

News September 21, 2020

First Delivery Of Volkswagen ID.3. In Germany

From the first of this month Volkswagen was busy to shipping its Electric vehicle around the Europe and today, 11th of September, Volkswagen delivered its first Volkswagen ID.3. to first customer, Oliver Nicolai in Dresden, Germany

News September 11, 2020

2021 Volkswagen Arteon Facelift Launched In The UK

2021 facelifted Volkswagen Arteon finally lands in the UK with the base price of $47,087 for the sedan version and $50,017 for the shooting brake version

News September 7, 2020

2021 Volkswagen Tiguan X Introduced Only For China

Volkswagen introduced the 2021 Tiguan x for the Chinese market. Volkswagen Tiguan X is a coupe a version of the facelifted 2021 Tiguan SUV

News September 7, 2020

2022 Volkswagen ID4 EV Interior, Simple And Full Of Lights

Some month ago, Volkswagen has some news about its new 2022 all electric vehicle, ID.4. last Friday this company has revealed some new photos of the interior of Volkswagen ID4 EV's. it seems that Germans follow the trend of these years, an empty place, not much bottoms, big screen. That means Simplicity is beautiful.

News September 6, 2020

New Mini Camper Introduced, Volkswagen Caddy California

Camping, an endless leisure for everyone. That make camping cars industry so interesting. newly in July, Volkswagen introduced its new Caddy-based mini camper. This new car is in the category of recreational vehicles

News September 4, 2020

VW Golf GTI Clubsport Revealed With More Than 400 HP

German tuner Yido Performance revealed an upgraded VW Golf GTI with huge modifications over the standard model. The standard Golf GTI can produce 261 hp and 350 nm of torque from its 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine

News August 24, 2020

VW ID.3 1ST Edition Unveiled And It Is Cheaper Than Tesla Model 3

VW introduced the first edition ID.3 for the UK with a base price of $49,000. In terms of pricing, the ID.3 1ST Edition seats between Tiguan Allspace and Tuareg

News July 27, 2020