2022 Volkswagen ID4 EV Interior, Simple And Full Of Lights

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Some month ago, Volkswagen has some news about its new 2022 all electric vehicle, ID.4. Last Friday, this company has revealed some new photos of the interior of Volkswagen ID4 EV's. It seems that Germans follow the trend of these years, an empty place, not much bottoms, big screen. That means Simplicity is beautiful.

As this EV is getting ready to compete with new 2022 Nissan Ariya, Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E, the makers tried to give a future-look to the cars inside. As the photos reveal, the touchscreen display is located in the center of the dashboard, which makes it easy to use for the driver. You can’t find much in the car. but the steering has preserved its roundy shape like many others cars.

volkswagen ID4 EV interior

The colors which was used inside the car, made the design somehow different. The steering wheel, display housings, and control panels in the doors are Piano Black. Of course, VW gave an option to the customers and by their will, these facilities could be in Electric White too. The sense of humor of Germans could be seen on the pedals. The break pedal has a sign as the “pause” buttons have and the accelerator a “play”.

What is much sensible in this car, is the playing with the light. Volkswagen ID4 has a fixed panoramic glass roof which give the passengers a great out door view. And also, there are 30 color choices, to make the interior colorful. VW ID.4 has a new option “ID Light “too. That includes the lighting strip below the window screen which gives signals of the cars locking situation and the incoming calls by the colors. It also gives the driver an alert sign in the need of brake to avoid a collision.

This SUV is very appropriate for the big people (big by the physical shapes of course). Because of its big doors, getting in and out is very easy. The rear seats are located somehow in upper position. According to that, the cargo bay is about 30.3 cubic feet. That is a fair space.

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