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Kia Seltos Review In The UAE Market, The Kona Sister

Small SUV segments that are called crossovers is getting more popular every day and it is no surprise that all automakers are trying to have some crossovers in their lineup. Kia Seltos is the newest crossover by Kia based on the same platform as Hyundai Kona

Reviews October 24, 2020

Suzuki Swift Review, The Supermini In The UAE Market

While the United Arab Emirates market prefers big cars and SUVs but it doesn't mean that you cannot find good superminis and hatchbacks in that country and one of the newest superminis of the GCC market is the 2021 Suzuki Swift

Reviews October 21, 2020

NIO ES8 Review, China’s New World Electric

Walking fast toward electric powered vehicles, Chinese carmakers are in a heist to provide global market with their definition of Electric Autonomous Vehicles

Reviews July 27, 2020

Toyota Highlander Review, A Good Commuter

Highlander is Toyota’s mid-size crossover SUV which is based on the platform common with Toyota Camry and is on sale since 2000

Reviews July 16, 2020

Nissan Rouge Review, Good Selling Newbie

Among most JDM automobile manufacturers, Nissan is one brand expert in producing SUVs and crossovers. Not as alone manufacturer of such classes among other JDM car makers but as good as Toyota or sometimes even better

Reviews July 14, 2020

Jeep Wrangler Review, Best SUV EVER

If Jeep is considered the king of off road capabilities in automobile industry, then Wrangler is the king’s crown. It is now over. Started life as new series of Wrangler families as new substitutes for the former CJ Jeep families in 1987.

Reviews July 10, 2020

Geely Xing Yue Review, Chinese Definition of Coupe SUV

The idea of such radical SUV design came in 2007 when BMW first introduced X6 models series as Cope SUV of as it described, Sport Activity Coupe (SAC).

Reviews July 7, 2020

Haval H6 2nd Generation Review, China’s Top Crossover

Haval is a sub brand owned by China’s Great Wall Motors auto maker. The brand was launched back in 2013 and started to be specifically responsible for Crossover and SUV productions

Reviews July 6, 2020

Honda Accord Review, the Favorable Japanese Sedan

Japanese vehicles are amongst the coolest vehicles out there but this was not always the case with them. The fact is JDM vehicles used to be produced based on restrictive Japanese automotive and federal rules making them not suitable and desirable to many people

Reviews July 4, 2020

Subaru Forester Review, the Daily All-Terrain Pick

This is not the all-time American favorite JDM car but the name Subaru definitely deserves to receive a huge deal of respect. Subaru Forester first came on 1997 in Japan as a 5-door compact crossover SUV. It was based on the platform of the well-known model named Impreza and set of to be one of the best JDM crossovers ever, right off the bat.

Reviews July 2, 2020

Ford Escape Review, Two Birds, One Stone

Introduced in 2000, the Escape model was another joint project between USA’s most European style automaker, Ford, and JDM’s well-known car maker, Mazda

Reviews June 30, 2020

Nissan Altima Review, the Modest Daily Car

The model name Altima came first in on 1992. Nissan Altima was to be set between the Nissan Sentra and Nissan Maxima. So it was bigger, more luxurious and more powerful than Sentra but not much as Maxima.

Reviews June 30, 2020

Toyota Tacoma Review, Lightweight Brawler

Being the first major JDM vehicle producer, Toyota very soon started to make pickup trucks to support logistics. Pickup truck production is no new thing for Toyota but this company never felt the urge not until it saw the major need of pickup trucks in North America as perfect opportunity to come into play

Reviews June 29, 2020

Jeep Grand Cherokee Review, The Fastest Indian

When we talk off road, we talk Jeep. Undoubtedly Jeep is number one brand which first introduced off-roading capabilities to the industry

Reviews June 28, 2020

Ford Explorer Review, Law Enforcement’s Choice

Since 1990, Ford started to switch from older two door Ford Bronco II to the newer Ford Explorer as its first four door SUV model. Although the first two generations were still offered

Reviews June 27, 2020

Honda Civic Review, The JDM’s Beloved

The beginning of the 1970’s in the world’s biggest car market, North America, the best opportunity emerged for JDM automakers to prove themselves with their small size low fuel consumption vehicles.

Reviews June 26, 2020

2021 Toyota Corolla Review, The Little Hornet

Toyota Corolla is named one of Toyota’s bestselling models around the world. Just like most Japanese vehicles, Corolla used to be a subcompact sedan suitable for JDM market only

Reviews June 25, 2020

Honda CR-V Review, Mr. Popular

Honda started to fill up the gap between the smaller HR-V subcompact crossover and the Pilot model offered in North America.

Reviews June 25, 2020

Ram Trucks Review, the Outlaw Bully

Came along in 1980s with the distinctive name called RAM. Dodge Ram came to replace the older dodge D series from vintage era and since then, there has been five different generations on the production line, completing the membership to the tight pickup truck party of North America.

Reviews June 24, 2020

Toyota RAV4 Review, the Little Samurai

Toyota RAV4 was first introduced back in 1994 as the first eve compact crossover SUV. RAV4 was designed to represent a combination of two different segments’ characteristics. It was supposed to be small, light, low consumption as a compact sedan yet be capable enough to handle rather rough terrains

Reviews June 24, 2020