Cyrus SF5 Review, An Unknown Chinese Car With 700 Horsepower!

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Seres is a Chinese car manufacturer that may most of you never be heard of but now they are ready to enter the market with their newest product known as the Cyrus SF5. Cyrus SF5 is an electric crossover that you don't have to worry about its driving range because it is an electric car that uses a range extender.

While the Cyrus SF5 is not a very familiar car even inside China but it has very significant specifications with near 700 hp power and 1040 nm of torque. With such numbers, we must consider the SF5 as a supersport crossover.

Cyrus SF5

Let’s start with the design first. Like many other new cars from Chinese carmakers, Cyrus also has a modern look that we have to admit that it is also pretty good. The shape of the daytime running light is so distinct while the lack of a proper practical grille reminds us that we are facing an electric car. The side view is somehow dynamic and nice while at the rear the whole shape is rounded and we can also guess that the designers had look to Porsche as there is a lightbar here. At the rear, there is also no sign of tailpipes like most electric cars.

In terms of size, the Cyrus SF5 measures 4.7 meters long, 1.9 meters wide, and 1.6 meters tall. With 2.8 meters of wheelbase it also must offer enough interior space for families. The ground clearance is also high enough that you don't need to worry about different tracks.

Cyrus SF5

By sitting inside the cabin of Cyrus SF5, you’ll find yourself in a very futuristic and modern space. There is a big vertical touch screen as the main control panel and the electric gear selector seems to be driven from Jaguar-Landrover cars. Other highlights inside the cabin are leather interior, air vents for rear passengers, fully-digital instrument cluster, electronically adjustable front seats, sunroof, and a multi-functional steering wheel. One of the good features inside the cabin is the 220V output that is very practical.

Cyrus CF5

Under the hood there is a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 112 hp, but this engine is not connected to the wheels directly as it is only producing electricity. There are pair of electric motors, one on each axle that can provide near 700 hp and 1040 nm of torque. This amount of electric power enables the SF5 to hit 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds which is supercar fast.

The point about Cyrus SF5 is that besides being so fast and powerful it is still a proper car for daily use.

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