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Alpina Revealed XD3 And XD4, Debut Time In Novemrber

Facelifted Alpina XD3 and XD4 With Quad-Turbodiesel Engines Officially Unveiled. The new XD3 and XD4 models as diesel-powered replacements for the X3 M and X4 M.

News 5 minutes ago

The Nissan Z Makes Its Debut In New York City

The next Nissan Z sports vehicle will be unveiled on August 17, 2021 in New York City. Nissan made the news today, only a few months after revealing the Z Proto concept in late 2020.

News 21 hours ago

The Rolls-Royce SRH Is Called For Routine Checks, Pay Respect To This Small EV

Rolls-Royce is not just luxurious car, but also with noble thoughts. About four years ago, this company made the SRH just for children, who were going to operation room, or other special condition at St. Richard's Hospital in Chichester. The drivers of Rolls-Royce were always kids. Now, after some year, this vehicle comes back to the company to receive some treatments itself.

News 22 hours ago

2022 Corvette Photos Released, Beautiful Colors

GM has slashed orders for the 2021 Corvette C8 earlier than projected in order to make room for the 2022 model year. The carmaker has already posted a teaser website for the first mid-engine Corvette's third manufacturing year.

News 23 hours ago

New Concept And New Logo For Dongfeng, New Strategy Changes The Game?

By the new conference of Donfeng Fengxing renewal, this company unveiled not just a new concept, but also the new angle of view, which they name it as “Smart, creative space and lead forward”. The new concept is due to this motto to make the understanding much easier. Meanwhile, Dongfeng released the “Chengfeng Plan" strategy too.

News Yesterday

All Features About The 2022 VW T7 Minivan

Volkswagen is launching the seventh generation of the T7 variant of Volkswagen's Type 2 with the first appearance of plug-in hybrid propulsion.This is due to the premium people-carrier variant of the T7 shifting to the same MQB chassis as many VW Group family cars.

News June 14, 2021

Geely Vision Starburst Concept Debuts, Born In Shanghai Auto Show

Geely introduces the Vision Starburst Concept, a new design approach drawn on the company's Expanding Cosmos design philosophy that will be utilized as a concept board for future models.

News June 14, 2021

Dongfeng Xiaokang C71 Entry-Model Goes On Sale Cheaper, With Less Facilities

Dongfeng Xiaokang C71 is going on sale. It’s a bit cheaper than what this company has announced for its card, but cheaper means here to omitting some unnecessary facilities. Dongfeng has did some cancelation on this big vehicle, to make the sale on time, or even have more regular customers.

News June 14, 2021

Skyrim ME5 Extended Version Goes On Pre-Sale, It’s An International Team Work

In the far lands, Skyrim, one of many automakers in China, has recently put its new ME5 in to the sale. The pre-sale will be started very soon. And there is also an option of extended-range version with higher battery life.

News June 14, 2021

The New Subaru Forester D Type Will Be Announced in 14th Of June

In just one days, we can see the big changes on the Subaru Forester. It’s actually the new Forester D Type. And additionally, this Type would have four grades and also 8 body colors. By the release of the Creative Trend, the pre order starts after 14th of June. There are some small and big changes by the new Subaru Forester.

News June 13, 2021

Its Not Mercedes Benz, Its Chinese Mercedes-Benz C-Class Real Car

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most known automakers with good reputation around the world. But distances away, in China, a new brand is coming out which is highly like the Mercedes. It has domestically-made Mercedes-Benz C-Class real car. This Chinese company tried to copy the real standard version. It seems, they would present a new car in July and start the sale in September.

News June 13, 2021

A Real Clean Energy Car Is Here, The Aptera Sol Solar Electric Vehicle

Aptera a startup in California after having a bad memory with its solar vehicle back in 2011, now is back. This time with a newer model which has overcame the previous problems and also could be used for a long range. This is three wheeled solar cars.

News June 13, 2021

2022 Audi RS Sportback And Sedan Are Coming Soon, Five Cylinder Engine Under The Hood

So many fans, were waiting for the Audi RS3 Sportback. I’m not talking about the previous models, I’m talking about the 2022 model, as the company had promised. So, after a long wait, this German automaker is ready to unveil this beloved vehicle, the next-generation RS3.

News June 12, 2021

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series Unveiled, At Its 70th Anniversary

Toyota has unveiled the new Land Cruiser 300 series. According to the Japanese carmaker, it decided to maintain the vehicle's body-on-frame structure because it "protects the Land Cruiser's character." To achieve its goal of creating the SUV capable of conquering any road without tiring the driver,

News June 12, 2021

Nissan Navara Will Be phased Out In Europe By Ending This Year, Barcelona Site Is Closing

Nissan released a facelifted version of the Navara for the South African market in November of this year, thereby putting doubts over the truck's future in Europe to rest. As it turns out, this is only a temporary facelift for the truck because Nissan has revealed plans to close its production in Barcelona, which means the Navara will be phased out before the end of the year in Europe.

News June 12, 2021

Pricing For The 2022 Ford Maverick Has Been Released, Detail By Detail

Shortly after the truck's official unveiling, complete pricing information for the 2022 Ford Maverick surfaced online. The Maverick shares the C2 platform with Escape and Bronco Sport.

News June 12, 2021

LEGO Built Lamborghini Sian Replica, Big Guys Games

LEGO Technic built the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 model and it is made up of about 400,000 LEGO component sand weighs roughly 2,200 kg.

News June 12, 2021

MG 5 PRO Is Debuted, Beautiful Design, Regular Technical Specs

Recently in ancient Asian, MG has revealed its new vehicle. In order to this some new official photos are released by company. This going to be MG 6 PRO. Yes, it’s a modified version of regular MG 6. It is unveiled just on June 9. By the Pro suffix, you have a whole new face with satisfied interior facilities. The power? Depends on your desires.

News June 11, 2021

The Model Year 2021 Kia KX5 Is Officially Debuted

The Kia Chinese cooperator, Dongfeng Yueda Kia, on 4th of June welcomed the new 2021 Kia KX5 to the market. This new car will be available in market in five models. The model of a year has just a slight facelift and some new streamlines.

News June 11, 2021

2022 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe officially revealed, Powertrain Changed

BMW has introduced the second-generation 4-Series Gran Coupe, which will be on sale in the United States in August. The Australian launch will take place in the fourth quarter of 2021 as well.

News June 11, 2021