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Fiat Reduces The Production Of Fiat 500, Battery Shortage

It seems that finding some batteries for the Fiat is becoming hard. Say, why? This company has announced that they will reduce the production of the all-electric Fiat 500 from 300 units to 210 per day, as this automaker has some problems with battery supplement.

News 14 hours ago

2021 Kia Niro Introduced With A Fair Interior Design & Technology

As the number of electric car lovers growing around the world, companies every day reveal new special figures of their works. Kia has blossomed with its Niro in UK. This is actually the third plug-in hybrid of this company.

News 15 hours ago

The UK Government Financial Support Made Hyundai EVs Cheaper, Hyundai Ioniq Starts At £32,995

Although we see any extra-expensive electric cars around the world, Hyundai’s UK head quarter has reduced its prices on two of its electric range. Asking why would that happen? You should say a big thank you to the UK Governments. As now on there will be a Grant on the electric cars (weather all electric or Plug-in models). So, Hyundai as a biggest fan of its customers, started its play.

Article Yesterday

You Can Change Your Mercedes-AMG G63 Into The Gronos 2021 By Paying Half A Million Dollars

In 2013 the original Mansory gonna arrived as a modified version of the G-Car. It's Gronos 2021, based on the New Gen G-class, as its name indicates, in particular the Mercedes-AMG G63

News Yesterday

FAW Toyota CROWN KLUGER Shines At Shanghai Auto Show, Its Just Like American's Sport Cars

FAW Toyota has unveiled the all-new model CROWN KLUGER ahead of the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show. the cladding of the overall appearance can be seen as increasing interest in the car in the shop. Referring to the brand patent revealed earlier, its Chinese name could be "Crown-Lufang"

News Yesterday

New Upgrade On Changan Auchan X7, Its Intelligence & Not Too Expensive

Changan Auchan's impressive performance in the local market is crying out to bring new models to Russia. Yet the manufacturer is honing its own models, as the statistics prove. Last year, total sales of the brand amounted to 150,000 units, and in two months of this year, more than 50,000 vehicles have already been sold.

News Yesterday

Harley-Davidson Limited Has Gone Softail

A class of motorcycle with the rear suspension tucked away under the frame is basically the description of the word Softail which is literally related to Harley-Davidson. The bicycle maker of America unvarying has certain rights to the name, since the FXST attack the sell in 1984.

News Yesterday

Porsche Found Its Way In Middle East, More Than 2,064 New Cars Delivered In Q1 2021

As welcoming new brands and cars around the world, the sale markets become more and more compatible. It seems that Porsche found the solution far away from home, its actually in Africa and Middle East. As this company reports it’s a record in five past years. A sharp climbed in the sales. Even COVID-19 couldn’t stop it

News April 12, 2021

Wallys Iris, The Tunisian Fiberglass SUV Which Is Inexpensive By Only $13,000

Not each person has had the occasion to bad deal the most up-to-date and best from the world's largest automakers, but international poverty rates have fallen over the past decade along with a budding focus class. Although there is a home-made liquid called Wallys Car, sone countries like Tunisia make buying a new car prohibitively expensive, primary loads of to seem at the second-hand market, or not look at it.

News April 12, 2021

Winning Three New Versions By Ford Explorer 2021

Ford is constantly getting higher the scanner orientation with bonus versions to fascinate a broader audience of promise buyers. It presented the Insignia Explorer king Ranch, at the beginning of this year, and we know that there is currently an Explorer Timberline

News April 12, 2021

Connecting With A Racing Look At The Assortment Of The Sports Line By 2021 Skoda Octavia

A new versions of Octavia Sportline, which can be visible in enclosed and outdoor updates is what the Skoda has introduced. It also can be controlled with different species, drive, hybrid, soft hybrid, crossbreed cap and GNG.

News April 12, 2021

2021 Hyundai Alcazar Breaks The Cover Like A New SUV Three-Wire

At the beginning of the table in futuristic research, Hyundai undertakes to involve into a mini-delivery obligation despite the lower sales. The South Korean mark at the alike time, knows that in the SUV segment there is a lot more money, and you decide to institute a new three-row model with a pseudonym "Alcazar" to share vehicles from Indian sport

News April 11, 2021

The Big Mistry Of Honda, A Whole All-Electric Vehicle At Shanghai Motor Show

As Shanghai 2021 Auto Show will go on 21th of April till 28th, every automaker uncovers its new vehicles. this time a new prototype be Honda is under spotlights. This Honda will be an electric one, suitable for new world. However, there were some teasers of this new Honda on the medias, it is not still exactified what would be. What we know is that one will go on the hybrid and the other carries the name of first Hondas fully electric vehicle in China.

News April 11, 2021

The 2022 Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 Is Coming, This Time Just For Europe

While Mercedes Benz is packing its CLS’s from USA, at home continent makes this line-up up to teeth armed. Though it would a 2022 simple year for the U.S., Europe would have updated CLS’s. moreover, you should wait for brilliant AMG variant, which would represent just a Limited Edition capped at 300 examples. Americans would be jealous.

News April 11, 2021

MG Cyberster Teaser Video Released With Fancy Lights & Long Jumping!

Official pictures and teaser video of new concept of MG released. MG Cyberster is a two-door concept showing the future vision of MG in design and technology. MG has said that this concept car is design in the Design Centre in London and is inspired by the classic MGB Roadster

News April 10, 2021

The First Truck In The World, Gottlieb Daimler Located Its Phoenix Inside This Wagon

In 1896 the first Truck ever was born. Its not hard to guess the name of the first inventor. Gottlieb Daimler invented the motor cycle and then motorized trolley car, and then this way went on. Daimler named it “Phoenix”, a two-cylinder engine on rear and with just four-horsepower. Daimler with the help of other big guys in this industry put the first stones of big castles that today’s our lives are so in depend on them.

News April 10, 2021

2021 Ford Escort Facelift Revealed For Chinese Market

2021 Ford Escort Facelift is introduced in the People's Republic. Under the hood, it's still an old Focus, but Ford has gone to great lengths to freshen up the styling. More significant changes have been made to the interior, where the CN-spec Escort gets a pair of all-digital screens like those seen in the recently unveiled Equator three-row SUV

News April 8, 2021

MG Launches A New Logo With New Personality

MG officially announced that it is introducing a new brand logo that uses a new graphic design and shows a diverse brand personality

News April 8, 2021

The Sibling Of Toyota Subaru BRZ Is Here, The 2022 Toyota GR 86 Is Debuted

Toyota is very busy these days. Its just some month ago that this company has a new version of Subaru with the BRZ mark on it, but again this company relieved a new sporty vehicle. It’s the GR 86. Although it is just 200,000 unites of Original version have been sold, Toyota showed us the more powerful version of this. It seems that this company wasn’t satisfied with it. Not just bigger engine is used but also, it had played with weight of the GR 86 too.

News April 8, 2021

Zhiji Pure Electric Sedan Announced With 1,000 KM Driving Range!

The first model of Zhiji Automobile will officially start accepting reservations during the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. It is reported the maximum range can reach 1,000 kilometers

News April 7, 2021