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MG Cyberster Teaser Video Released With Fancy Lights & Long Jumping!

Official pictures and teaser video of new concept of MG released. MG Cyberster is a two-door concept showing the future vision of MG in design and technology. MG has said that this concept car is design in the Design Centre in London and is inspired by the classic MGB Roadster

News 4 hours ago

The First Truck In The World, Gottlieb Daimler Located Its Phoenix Inside This Wagon

In 1896 the first Truck ever was born. Its not hard to guess the name of the first inventor. Gottlieb Daimler invented the motor cycle and then motorized trolley car, and then this way went on. Daimler named it “Phoenix”, a two-cylinder engine on rear and with just four-horsepower. Daimler with the help of other big guys in this industry put the first stones of big castles that today’s our lives are so in depend on them.

News 10 hours ago

2021 Ford Escort Facelift Revealed For Chinese Market

2021 Ford Escort Facelift is introduced in the People's Republic. Under the hood, it's still an old Focus, but Ford has gone to great lengths to freshen up the styling. More significant changes have been made to the interior, where the CN-spec Escort gets a pair of all-digital screens like those seen in the recently unveiled Equator three-row SUV

News April 8, 2021

MG Launches A New Logo With New Personality

MG officially announced that it is introducing a new brand logo that uses a new graphic design and shows a diverse brand personality

News April 8, 2021

The Sibling Of Toyota Subaru BRZ Is Here, The 2022 Toyota GR 86 Is Debuted

Toyota is very busy these days. Its just some month ago that this company has a new version of Subaru with the BRZ mark on it, but again this company relieved a new sporty vehicle. It’s the GR 86. Although it is just 200,000 unites of Original version have been sold, Toyota showed us the more powerful version of this. It seems that this company wasn’t satisfied with it. Not just bigger engine is used but also, it had played with weight of the GR 86 too.

News April 8, 2021

Zhiji Pure Electric Sedan Announced With 1,000 KM Driving Range!

The first model of Zhiji Automobile will officially start accepting reservations during the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. It is reported the maximum range can reach 1,000 kilometers

News April 7, 2021

Lantu FREE Officially Opened The Pre-Sale Starting At 313,600 Yuan

On March 31, according to the official announcement from Lantu Auto, Lantu FREE officially opened its presale. The pre-sale price for the extended-range version was 313,600 Yuan,

News April 7, 2021

Top 10 Of 2021 Hatchbacks, Find Your Suitable Hatch

By growing the number of cars all around the world, the categories and means of using them becoming bigger and of the markets which was highly under influence of changes, was hatchbacks. These types of cars had hard years, during high taxes and restrict emissions regulations. Still, there are some fans, and if there are consumers, there is also producers. Many companies introduced their hatchbacks. Let’s take a look of top ten, by the evo selection.

News April 6, 2021

2021 Nissan Patrol Nismo Now Available With V8 Engine, Starts At AED 385,000

Nissan has revealed the updated version of the Patrol Nismo. The 2021 Patrol Nismo touring exhibition will be displayed in a virtual event held at Expo 2020 Dubai, specifically for the Middle East, and is basically a more refined version of its predecessor

News April 3, 2021

New 2021 Renault Kangoo Available For Order Now

Renault has started selling the new Kangoo in Europe, the latest generation of the carmaker's small family van. This car will go on sale in its home market of France on April 1 with prices starting at 24,900 Euros that is equal to $29,180

News April 3, 2021

2021 Range Rover SVAutobiography Ultimate Edition Officially Unveiled

Land Rover has unveiled Ultimate Edition versions of the Range Rover SVAutobiography. It will be available in Dynamic and long-wheelbase versions. They will be hand-built by the SV Bespoke division of the company at the Special Vehicle Operations Technical Center in the United Kingdom

News April 3, 2021

2022 All-New Porsche 911 GT3 Will Hit Dealerships In This Fall

Porsche has confirmed that the new 911 GT3 will hit dealerships in the fall. In addition to announcing pricing for the hardcore 992-generation variant, this automaker has also made some changes to the rest of the 911 lineup

News April 3, 2021

2021 Mazda MX-30 Pricing Announced In Australian Market, Starts At AU$33,990

The Mazda MX-30 will be offered in three variants in Australia in 2021. The G20e Evolve has a starting price of AU$33,990 that is equal to US$25,897 and comes with 18-inch wheels, an 8-inch infotainment system, a 7-inch TFT display in the instrument cluster, smartphone integration, Bluetooth

News April 3, 2021

Do British Drivers Need An International Driver's License After Brexit?

If you have proper paperwork, driving abroad is easy, let's see how you can request your international driver's license. Brexit licenses can be recycled in the rearview mirror with British driving licenses in EU countries as part of our Origin Agreement, but still need an international driver's license for many other objectives

News April 3, 2021

MG Cyberster At The 2021 Shanghai Motor Show, 800 Kilometers Range

New decade, new means of designs and of course the cars of future are coming out of shadows. This time MG Cyberster, an all-electric sport car is going the electric vehicle line-ups. As it is scheduled, we will see this car officially at 2021 Shanghai Motor Show (April 21-28). Just let’s have a brief look at this Tron world car

News April 3, 2021

Special Mini Cooper SE Is The Formula E Car

We all are familiar with the Formula One. But as the number of electric cars rises, the lovers expect more than just an average urban speed. The result is the Formula E championship. Before BMW Groupe had the duty of safety with its BMW i8, which was a plug-in hybrid car, but this time it seems that pure electric vehicle of Mini can handle the track.

News April 2, 2021

2021 Mazda BT-50 Thunder With New Upgrades, Ready To Go Off-Road In Australia

Automakers are gradually releasing their new year models, as well Mazda in its Australia headquarter. This company done some new updates on its 2021 model year which is called Thunder. By the new upgrades you can have not just visual upgrades but also under the hood is armed with more powerful engine.

News April 1, 2021

2022 Kia EV6 With 510 km of Range

Recently Kia has revealed its new aspect of view on designing a vehicle. This new design said goodbye to the muscular front grills and paid more attention to aerodynamics. Now Kia has introduced its EV6, which is some how Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 sister. The EV6 has not just a whole new design but also a good range of drive.

News April 1, 2021

BMW 3 Series G20 Pickup Hopefully Not an April Fools' Day Joke

There are usually many pranks in automotive industry in April Fools’ day such as the recent Voltswagen which was rapidly spread through all over the web. However, our colleagues in Carsbite needed some more refresh and sporty joke for this special day and got started to do some serious surgery on BMW G20

News April 1, 2021

2021 Roewe RX3 Pro Unveiled With Many Different Details

Roewe introduced an updated version of the RX3 SUV known as the RX3 PRO. The honeycomb radiator grille in the shape of a dragon is very popular at Roewe at the moment, and this design is very nice on all the big models

News April 1, 2021