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McLaren 765LT Spider, The Most Powerful SuperSport Car, With Carbon Fiber And Folded Roof

McLaren made this summer hotter than ever with unveiling the most powerful open-top supercar, which they produced ever. The 765LT Spider is the name. it inherits the lightweight body and also the high-performance powertrain. Inside the car, is also so sport.

News 11 hours ago

The New Mercedes S 680 Guard 4MATIC Revealed

Mercedes-Benz has launched the new S 680 Guard 4MATIC. The vehicle, which is aimed at corporate executives, celebrities, and heads of state, is an armored luxury car that combines passenger comfort with maximum output.

News 12 hours ago

Chevy Camaro Will Be Replaced With An Electric Car

After all, the Chevrolet Camaro may not be gone after the current generation, but its future may not be what most people assume. According to Automotive News' overview of General Motors' upcoming vehicles, an electric sedan will replace the performance coupe.

News 13 hours ago

2022 Toyota Tundra TDR Pro Teased The Interior Of The Truck, Different Drive Modes With A Rotary Dial Bottom

The model of 2022 Toyota Tundra TDR Pro has been the big news for this automaker. We saw enough photos of the exterior but just recently they teased a new short clip from the interior of this big guy. But the focus here was mostly about the driving modes.

News 14 hours ago

The Pure Naturally Aspirated V12 Is Hard To Be Put Aside, Lambo May Use It For Other Purposes

There is a while that the conflict of the zero emission cars and ICE are getting worst. Lamborghini as one of the users of the V12 has also changed its plans for future. But it seems its really hard for this company to abandon its favorite engine,

News 15 hours ago

Porsche Vision Renndienst Electric Van, A Vehicle With Futuristic Design But Still Just Imaginary

Porsche Vision Renndienst electric van is one of the unique cars ever. This car was under spotlights in November 2020. Back the no photos were revealed from inside the cabin but now, this German company made a top notch with this design

News Yesterday

Fisker Ocean Electric Crossover Show Is Not Finished Yet, This Time Center Screen On The Show

Although Fisker Ocean was debuted last year, but this company didn’t stop teasing it in different shows. This time the CEO of the company, Henrik Fisker, teased it again. The Fisker Ocean was at Los Angeles Auto Show. There reason of presents of this crossover was a whole new center screen.

News Yesterday

Living In The Trailer Is Now A luxury Style, If You Have The Living Vehicle Pro-EV With Solar Cells On The Roof

Living Vehicle, the big living trailer maker, introduced its latest model of luxury mobile house last year. It had many options a possibility to spend time out. This time the trailer is armed with the solar panels to make a long journey into unknown with your EV possible. Dreamy, not?

News Yesterday

Alpina Sees No Demand For EVs

According to Alpina's CEO, there is just no demand from Buchloe for an electric car. As a result, when we look at the company's portfolio, we discover that it is exclusively made up of classic combustion-powered vehicles.

News July 30, 2021

Bentley Bentayga's New Carbon Fiber Wheels, More Lighter

Mulliner equips Bentley's ultra-luxurious Bentayga SUV with large 22-inch carbon fiber wheels. They are the biggest production carbon-fiber wheels ever produced for a vehicle, according to Bentley, and will be available only for the Bentayga.

News July 30, 2021

Volkswagen Revealed The Amarok 580X Off-Road Special Edition, The Old Car With New Dress

The Volkswagen Amarok is one of Volkswagen's oldest vehicles, and the German carmaker is preparing to abandon it in favor of an all-new generation. However, another special edition of the German truck will be available in Australia,

News July 30, 2021

Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe Brabus Is Debuted, Exellent Naterial, Excellent PowerTrain

Brabus debuted the 800 SUV Coupe, a modified version of the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S 4MATIC+ Coupe Brabus developed a range of exposed-carbon additions available in high-gloss or matt finish to complement the original AMG body kit.

News July 30, 2021

Lamborghini Confirms New V12 Hybrid Model

a new V12 hybrid Lamborghini featuring Sian Tech will be available in the near future. In an interview with Autocar magazine, business CEO Stephan Winkelmann revealed what the raging bull has in store for the near future, beginning later this year with the introduction of a new model.

News July 29, 2021

Royal Marines Test New 4x4 Off-Roaders

The Royal Marines have been testing the American-made Polaris MRZR-D4 over the most difficult terrains to determine its value on the battlefield.

News July 29, 2021

Germans Should Pay $575 Annually To Have 10-Degree Rear Steering On Their EQS

Crowded streets, lackage of car parks, sharp turns, long car, made automakers to make a creativity to reduces the radius of turnings. Although rear-wheel steering wasn’t invented just yesterday, but nowadays many cars are using this option on their cars. Just like as Mercedes does. Now this German company is expanding this technology not just on its Electric cars, but also for the internal combustion vehicles too.

News July 29, 2021

Lada Niva Bronto Comes Alive, The Off-Roader For Russia

When United States has Bronco, why shouldn’t Russia have Bronto. This is just like the American car, a big and beloved off-roader. Although the company, Lada announced the end of production of the Niva Bronto, but the high demand for this SUV in Russia brought it back to the production line. Lada this time focused on the interior, but the hearth of the vehicle is untouched.

News July 29, 2021

Audi’s Electrified Dakar Racer, Neither Completely ICE Nor Electric

Audi revealed its plan to enter an electric car in the notorious Dakar Rally in 2022 at the end of last year. We've had so much time since that news that we've almost forgotten about it. Until today, that is, when the Germans revealed the true nature of their vehicle.

News July 28, 2021

Tesla Puts Model S Deliveries On Hold, Reseon Unknown

Tesla Model S purchasers say that the firm has halted countrywide delivery for more than a week. Several automobiles were halted at distribution facilities, just before the delivery date.

News July 28, 2021

Alpha Motors Introduces Its New Electric AWD, The Superwolf

With the arrival of the Superwolf, Alpha Motors expands its portfolio of competent electric cars. It is a crew cab variant of the Wolf Plus that will serve as the Alpha's most roomy and practical member.

News July 28, 2021

Upgraded 2022 Buick GL8 Avenir Is Already Available In China, A Luxury Minivan

Buick introduced its new model of the 2022 GL8 Avenir in China. This car experienced many upgrades not just inside but also with the technology and quality. More importantly, the model has the electric power unit too. Beside the standard equipment, the optional ones are available too.

News July 28, 2021