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Zhiji Pure Electric Sedan Announced With 1,000 KM Driving Range!

The first model of Zhiji Automobile will officially start accepting reservations during the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. It is reported the maximum range can reach 1,000 kilometers

News April 7, 2021

Lantu FREE Officially Opened The Pre-Sale Starting At 313,600 Yuan

On March 31, according to the official announcement from Lantu Auto, Lantu FREE officially opened its presale. The pre-sale price for the extended-range version was 313,600 Yuan,

News April 7, 2021

MG Cyberster At The 2021 Shanghai Motor Show, 800 Kilometers Range

New decade, new means of designs and of course the cars of future are coming out of shadows. This time MG Cyberster, an all-electric sport car is going the electric vehicle line-ups. As it is scheduled, we will see this car officially at 2021 Shanghai Motor Show (April 21-28). Just let’s have a brief look at this Tron world car

News April 3, 2021

GAC AION Y Goes On Sale In China With 600 KM Driving Range

GAC AION Y is pre-sold in the Chinese market, the price range is 105,900 to 149,900 Yuan. The new electric SUV is expected to be officially launched in April. AION Y is positioned as a compact pure electric SUV

News April 1, 2021

Nuro The Delivery Auto-Robo, New Invest of Toyota And Its Partnerships

As this world is changing rapidly, you may hear this name in near future more, “the Woven Capital”. This is a $800 million company which is very active in technology and innovation in mobility. This company was this year founded as the corporate venture capital investment arm of Woven Planet Group. Recently by cooperation with Toyota Research Institute, Woven Capital is working on a new mean of delivery with a combination of automated driving, robotics, smart cities, and more.

News March 26, 2021

BYD D1 Prices In Chinese Market, The First All Electric Car For Ride-Hailing

BYD has officially priced the new D1 model from 151,800 yuan. The new hatchback has been launched in a joint by BYD and Didi company and Didi Express will also use D1 in its fleet

News March 25, 2021

CUPRA Tavascan Will Be Second Full Electric Car Of CUPRA, They Dream, They Build

CUPRA as a new born Auto Brand is progressing so sharply. This automaker recently on its annual Press Conference has announced the CUPRA Tavascan, as its second all electric vehicle. The concept of this vehicle was on show in the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. The CUPRA Tavascan will join the brands range in 2024.

News March 24, 2021

All-Electric Roewe Ei5 Announced With More Than 500 KM Diving Range

I had anything to accept, perhaps the car of the first station, which most people travel now, or the only car of the station can be Roewe EI5, this is a very special pure electric car since the beginning of 2018. With the appearance of online

News March 18, 2021

BMW i4 Revealed As Plus 500 Horsepower All Electric Sedan

BMW revealed its latest electric car the i4. BMW i4 will join the iX3 and the iX SUVs as the third new fully electric car from the Bavarian carmaker

News March 18, 2021

All-New BYD Song Pure Electric Launched With More Than 1200 KM Driving Range

Recently, Qin Plus has been equipped with a DM system and a super hybrid system that has been introduced on the market, which has attracted a lot of attention. Mr. Bang learned good channels that another new car, according to more DM-I, is equipped with this hybrid technology, also rolled out of the wrong plant and started in mid-March

News March 14, 2021

Canoo Electric Truck, Joins The EV’s Club, Enough Space For Everything

There are many great names in the field of electric cars, and yet this section of automation is vesting. Once a gain we are witness of a new born vehicle, which has not the sharp ends of Cybertruck, but is an electric truck. this is made by Canoo

News March 13, 2021

The 2022 Volvo C40 Recharge, The Way For Volvo To The Pure Electric Automaker

Volvo is not just joining the Electric Automakers, but also has recently revealed it new all electric vehicle. This European Automaker introduced its C40 recharge. this brand with Geely Group and Polestar, Lotos, Proton, and Lynk&Co, is starting its way on the no carbon dioxide in 2030.

News March 4, 2021

The Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV Becoming The Best Sale EV Car In China

Electric car community is growing all around the world. Now Tesla Motors as the biggest and most valuable automaker (for now!) but it seems our Chinese friends just far away are going to make a move

News March 2, 2021

Is This An Electric Version Of The Hyundai Sonata For China?

Hyundai is going to introduce and sell a new sedan in China with pricing between 135,800 yuan to 175,800 yuan. While many details of the new car haven’t released yet but Hyundai revealed the pricing range and some unofficial photos

News February 27, 2021

CUPRA e-Garage Virtual Platform Revealed On Celebration Of 3rd Anniversary

CUPRA with its celebration to its third anniversary, emphasized to the company achievements. From the successes with its new cars to the high sale rates through the pandemic. But this ceremony wasn’t finished just with what they achieved but also with mentions of the new 100 electric car of this Spanish automaker.

News February 23, 2021

New Hyundai IONIQ 5 Will Be Revealed On February 23

Hyundai motor company will debut the new IONIQ 5 model on February 23 and now there are some pictures that announce its interior design. Design-wise the new IONIQ 5 uses more straight lines on the body

News February 21, 2021

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV And EV Revealed Starts From $31,995

Chevrolet officially unveiled the 2022 model Bolt in two versions called the EUV and EV. . The Chevrolet Bolt is the first mass-production electric vehicle by General Motors and Chevrolet revealed its first generation in 2016 and now the 2022 version is ready to attract buyers

News February 16, 2021

2021 Ai Chi U5 Introduced With 503 KM Of Driving Range

The 2021 Ai Chi U5 has launched globally as an upgraded model in 5 trims available as SE, ING, ING+, PRO, and PRO+. The Chinese automaker listed 2021 model year Ai Chi U5 with a base price of 166,900 Yuan and 249,900 Yuan on the highest trim

News February 13, 2021

The All-New Audi E-Tron Is Here, The RS Model Just As Well

As Electric cars are ruling the new way of transportation. So, automakers should adopt to the new situation in a short time. Audi is not also an exception. This German company will surprise the market with not just one, but two electric cars. The coming Audi e-tron GT as a four-door coupe walk along with the RS model at the same time

News February 11, 2021

2020 Year of Electric, Top EV Automakers By Sales

As the whole word is moving to the more environmentally friendly fuels and less emission, the production of electric cars has been sharply grown. In 2020 although the hard situation had surrounded all markets, but the increase of all-electric and hybrid vehicles had good record. As EV sales Blog reports, 3,124,793 plug-in cars were sold in 2020 and more than 68% of them were battery-electric. Also, the reveals show the changes in the market and new brands on it

News February 8, 2021