Jetour X90 Plus At 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Joins The Market Soon

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Jetour debuted a brand-new mid-size SUV at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. The new vehicle, called Jetour X90 PLUS, is based on the Jetour X90 and will be released later this year.

The new vehicle will be powered by a third-generation 2.0T engine built separately by Chery Group, with a maximum power of 254 hp and a maximum torque of 390Nm. All new cars come standard with 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmissions, and higher-end versions have four-wheel-drive systems.

Jetour X90 PLUS

It can easily monitor the large-size polygonal grille with horizontal chrome trim, demonstrating the benefits of the Chery Jetta family-style "Huicheng Chief" concept. The LED headlights are attached to the grille as a whole, while the LED fog lights are positioned directly under the headlights, which is what we generally refer to as the fog light location. The lighting setup is not at all stingy.

To build a suspended roof, the D-pillar employs a blackened secret pattern. The razor-sharp waistline came to an abrupt halt before meeting the C-pillar. On the larger-size car body, the large-size aluminum alloy wheels are specially coordinated.

Jetour X90

The new car's rear uses a through-type taillight, with Jetour's English name inserted in the center. The remaining positions are straightforward, with few lines. The single exhaust on both sides means that the current car's power system specifications would not be too poor.

The new car's interior features a variety of fabric soft wrapping fabrics. The upper and lower layered architecture allows for the embedding of large-size dual displays. The entire central control seems to be of high quality and innovative design, with mechanical gear levers and color screen air-conditioning control panels. All is in place.

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