Baojun E300 Will Be Unveiled At The Shanghai Auto Show

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Today, Xinbaojun revealed that the latest E300 will make its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021, pushing the limits of luxury pieces with a futuristic mindset and offering more exquisite travel surprises to users who follow fashion trends.

The new Baojun E300, with its modern red body and creamy white polka-dot pattern, exudes modern style, especially the customized design under the specially built headlights for taking pictures, providing endless Street photography inspiration to fashionable people.


The latest Baojun E300 has more twists and updates, which are very much in line with the theme of the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show in 2021, "Embracing Transition," leaving people optimistic about the E300's wide business growth. What futuristic surprises will the latest E300 have by then? The solution will be revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021!

as an electric mini car, Baojun E300 uses an electric motor with 40 kW of power and 150 Nm of torque. the rear-wheel-drive electric mini car can reach the range of 260 km with a single charge while its top speed is about 100 km/h. the DC fast charging capability allows the driver to charge the battery pack in about one hour.

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