FAW Pentium NAT Can Be A New Solution For Taxi Travel

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A new model for the mobile travel service car's name is NAT, but before knowing it, do you remember the end of last year that the customer-specific automobile D1 was officially along with us by Didi and BYD? Its compact body size hides a spacious maturity, there are many special considerations for passengers, and the configuration is impressive. Now, here is an introduction for a personalized model of mobile travel service market, which names NAT (parameters | request). So, this new one is industrial by the FAW company and the T3 travel support. Beneath, you can see some good results of it.

FAW Pentium NAT

NAT is a short form of "next automatic taxi", a sharp common vehicle for mobile travel services that is based on FAW FME-E platform. 6 different versions of this new car starts in the future, such as two versions for T3 Travel, taxis for 4 different cities, and Didi Travel. However we still have to present it briefly, its out shape and inside design have little with our passengers, since it is based mainly on the end travel platform B.

It will always have a guaranteed force on the urban landscape being put in taxis and online in the future, although Pentium NAT is not sold in Terminal C. Be sure, Many people will like it for the unique back design with its faint and sweet appearance.

The best of NAT has in terms of security features, such as ABS anti-lock brakes, frontal collision warning, an active emergency brake, automatic parking, brake assistance, reversals and rear rack. Moreover, the features along with a personalized vehicle system for tourist services, functionality such as aggregate to Wi-Fi, the bicycle driving recorder, operating cards, in automobile data monitoring and remote video monitoring.

This machine is equipped with facial recognition, automobile monitoring, a key alarm, key vent, HKUST-IFLYTEK translation system, OTA remote update and other configurations, with regard to the constitution.

FAW Pentium NAT

As a contrast, BYD D1 is fully taking care of passengers, while the Bestune NAT (parameter | request) is at the convenience of the driver and creating a double C position model. The main driver has other seat than the rider, and the seat can be fully tilted down. It is practical for taking a nap by the driver. The seat is paid to the long-term driving support, it also supports the ventilation function of the seat, and it upholstery is a bit more difficult.

When rear vehicles leave the bus, some passengers may not attract close attention, and also there is a risk of collision with bicycles or pedestrians that happen. The safe part is that the electric sliding door on the right side of Pentium Nat, does not allow passengers to open it yourself; The driver must confirm the security of the back and open it.

NAT or next automatic taxi

In fact, for the output of automobiles online, it is safer and nice to sit in the rear row, so the Bestune Nat was deliberately weakened the paper of the passenger seat. It marks the NOBLEEST position in light orange between the two rear seats.

The Bestune Nat differs completely from BYD D1, by handling the passenger seat. It chooses the tilt of the passenger seat pending to improve the comfort of the right rear seat, but it is not perfectly effective; a hook and a cup holder and a large entertainment screen that can improve the feeling of luxury are what BYD D1 delivers it behind the seat. Also, the electric sliding door of the BYD D1 does not have handrail or central railing. From this point of view, Bestune Nat offers central handrails, which is a nice shot.

Bestune NAT is not well as a Taxis travel of multiple, the room of passenger is not friendly to people with a great body because it's a small place. For instance, a 90kg person can feel that the seat is narrow in the passenger. In the center of the rear row there are no headrest, just like BYD D1, and due to the central armrest, the backrest feels obviously more difficult and also while several people drive, the USB interface can not be used.

This event has a very simple experiment experience, and is in the park. The whole place is very small and the friction of the soil is relatively small. The speed of the entire test procedure did not exceed 40 km/h, which can only be considered the best for Pentium Nat. We have a preliminary comprehension of driving, and the experience process is not intended for a comfortable experience, which is Less meaning for our common consumers.

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