Xpeng P5 Announced, New Small All-Electric Vehicle Comes To Market In 2022

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The Xpeng P5 is the third mass-produced product from Xpeng Motors. The new vehicle is marketed as a small pure electric vehicle. The vehicle's key labels are both auto-assisted driving and an intelligent immersive cockpit. The most important feature is that the new car will be fitted with the XPILOT 3.5 automatic driving assistance system and lidar to provide better robust automatic driving assistance.

Xpeng P5

Xpeng P5 has a lot of new interface features in terms of appearance. While the main body retains the P7 model's graphic style, the features, such as the lights and front surround, have all been redesigned. According to the official, the new car follows the X ROBOT FACE styling design, with the X styling on the front face complementing the company LOGO.

With a length of 4808mm and a wheelbase of 2768mm, the Xpeng P5 is significantly smaller than the P7 from the side. The width and height are approximately 1820mm and 1530mm, respectively, although the official estimates have not yet been published.

The P5's body is built in a slip-back shape with a concealed door handle. The Cd drag coefficient is 0.223, which is marginally less than the P7's.The back section of the P7 is designed to be more like the general form of the P7. The narrow and long bar-type taillights, as well as the subtly tilted spoiler, are very stylish.

Xpeng P5

Within the cabin, the Xpeng P5 has a more enveloping feel and more advanced materials. The massive central control panel, for example, has been the visual focal point of the entire cabin.

The P5 also features an immersive cockpit based on the Xmart OS 3.0 architecture for the first time. Higher processing power, quicker and quieter vehicles, and better scalability are all benefits of the Xmart OS 3.0 smart cockpit. In addition, comparable to the Xpeng G3, the car uses a camera on the driver's side A-pillar to track driver fatigue.

The XPILOT 3.5 automatic driving assistance system is also available on the P5. The most notable aspect is the presence of two lidars, which will enable it to eventually cover urban road scenes in the future, including more complex road conditions, traffic lights, pedestrians, and so on. Xpeng P5 also has several new small scene modes, such as theater mode and sleep mode, this time.

Xpeng Motors did not reveal the vehicle's control system or battery size, but an official confirmed that the NEDC range of the P5 is approximately 600km. According to the official, the trunk volume of the Xpeng P5 would be 450L. In terms of time to market, the Xpeng P5 is scheduled to be listed in 2022.

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