Hongguang MINI EV Convertible Revealed, Came Out The Minecraft At Shanghai Auto Show

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The first convertible from Wuling New Energy, the "Hongguang MINI EV CAB RIO," was unveiled. SAIC-GM-Wuling has released official images of the car and revealed that it will debut it at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021. Following the listing of the Hongguang MINIEV Macaron, the Wuling brand now has the opportunity to crack new trends and address more tailored consumer needs.

Hongguang MINIEV

MINI EV CABRIO has a sense of avant-garde culture, with a style philosophy based on free romanticism and mixing pattern and movement genes. It has a lively and cool look, as well as a distinct elegance. The body lines are light and flat, defining a solid form, and rich style features like circles and ellipses, which are more chic and visible, are used.

Hongguang MINI EV CABRIO's interior architecture is beautiful and ingenious. The interior cabin is designed to wrap around you.

Hongguang MINIEV convertible

The key gray color is plain and sleek, with vibrant and lively illusion decoration; dual 10-unit displays and sub-instruments, light-sensitive characters of the central control button hop on the screen, bringing clever and interactive human-computer interface surprises, as well as the lifting electric folding soft top.

Hongguang MINIEV CABRIO continues Hongguang MINIEV's cool gene as another masterpiece created by Wuling based on the needs of users' fashion and personality. The Shanghai Auto Show in 2021 is approaching quickly, so stay tuned for a surprise appearance by Hongguang MINI EV CABRIO!

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