Chase MIFA EV Concept Revealed At Shanghai Auto Show

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At 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, this year we saw a new concept car known as Chase MIFA EV. The Chase MIFA EV concept car was positioned as a pure electric MPV platform. According to reports, the model car is based on the MIFA architecture. This architecture is capable of producing medium-sized MPVs, large-sized MPVs, medium-sized SUVs, medium-sized and large-sized SUVs, and load-bearing pickup goods, as well as realizing module model growth. It is both front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive compliant, as well as a range of new energy sources such as HEV, PHEV, EV, and FCV, and is highly expandable.

This car's style is more "down-to-earth," similar to the shape of the original production car. The air intake grille is closed since the front face is a pure electric type. Furthermore, the headlight party uses an exaggerated ratio style, which makes it visually impactful. I assume that the final mass-produced vehicle would minimize the size appropriately based on the characteristics. It's worth remembering that there's a hump on the front roof. It should be a lidar, indicating that this vehicle is capable of self-driving.


The side seems to be ordinary, but there are numerous specifics worth discussing. The first is that the front double doors can be opened at a 90-degree angle. In comparison, an integrated camera solution is used in place of the conventional exterior rear-view mirror.

The penetrating taillights and massive drooping form at the corners not only echo the front face's design language but also have a clear visual effect. Second, despite being an all-electric vehicle, it also has a tail lip spoiler. The golden tail lip contrasts with the same golden side skirts.

The architecture and style of the car are very conceptual within the cabin. The front center control panel features a wide enveloping screen that can monitor details such as speed, entertainment, and contact, as well as the exterior rear-view mirror on both sides of the screen. Simultaneously, the steering wheel and handlebar outline look very futuristic, but they are the most cited design features of later production vehicles, rather than copying the design.

Instead of a seat, the co-pilot has a footrest built for the second row. Furthermore, as an MPV model, it has a third row of seats. However, there is no comparison for the interior room owing to the huge distance between the model car seats and the production car.


The remaining material, such as the power system, battery life, setup, and so on, is still in the model car stage and has not been refined. In any case, Chase's MPV concept car retains a number of innovative features. In the future, look forward to seeing the real vehicle.

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