New Mini Camper Introduced, Volkswagen Caddy California

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Camping, an endless leisure for everyone. That make camping cars industry so interesting. newly in July, Volkswagen introduced its new Caddy-based mini camper. This new car is in the category of recreational vehicles. Mini-Camper seems to be a member of the T6.1 California campers.

This car could be the fifth generation of its family. As the its relevant, this vehicle provides the same living space as the older ones did. It is so appropriate for a small family or at most four members. You can go with this car for a short trip on weekends without carrying around a big motorhome.

What Offers VW Caddy California

Despite of the size of this vehicle, Volkswagen Caddy has so many facilities which makes the adventure more convenience. Its pull-out kitchen has a single hob gas cooker with windshield and shelf too. At the night you can surf the sky through its 15.1 square-foot panoramic glass roof. And the most important part of every camping is a good bed to tuck in. VW Caddy has a fold-out bed with 2 meters long. This bed is equipped with cup springs and a high-quality mattress for better comfort.

VW Caddy California glass roof

The other interesting feature is the new, modular tent system. It is actually an independent facility but you can connect it to the car and extend the sleeping cabin. Also, when the camping table and two chairs are combined, the tent would have larger space and have a living space to enjoy the nature.

VW Caddy California tent

The car with 4.5 meters (177.2 inches) wheelbase would be available in European markets this year but the longer version with the 4.8 meters (191,1 inches) would be introduced to the market next year. although in the name of this car there is “California” but this small camper wouldn’t be in U.S. market.

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