New Version Of VW ID4.X, Exclusive For Chinese Market

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Volkswagen ID.4 had a good start and did hit the market successfully. This Electric Car has already sold many vehicles. Newly it was revealed that China will have their own ID.4 type with some slight changes. This special edition is named ID.4 X.

The new version of Volkswagen ID.4 for China, has not changed a lot. The exterior has slightly changed. By the new design, ID4.X has new front fascia with larger openings in the corners than on China's ID.4 Crozz. The new headlights are wider and are stretched to the outer tips. The back appearance is more impressive with the light strips which width of the vehicle and connects to the center portion of the main lamps. The lower fascia is changed too. The X version has rounder shapes.

Walking into the car, has the same feeling for the original ID.4. but, the center consoles change is sensible. Moreover, the buttons below the infotainment display have a chunkier look. As mentioned before, the VW ID.X is just for China and you will not see one out of country. So the Europeans or Americans VW ID.4 has the regular appearance.

EV Volkswage new ID.4 X

This Electric Vehicle hosts the 82-kilowatt-hour battery which last for an estimated 250-mile (402-kilometer) range. Also company ha two offers for the powertrain. The single choice of single motor. This motor can accommodate 201 hp (150 kW) and 228 lb-ft (309 Nm). The next option is two-motor all-wheel-drive offering 302 hp (225 kW).

VW ID4. X for China Edition

For buying this EV you should spend at least $39,995. By the late December the very first cars will be delivered. The models has the all wheels technology should append more about $43,695 and. This all-wheel-drive will say hi to the market in mid 2021.

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