2021 Volkwagen ID.4 Debuts With 125-Mile Range

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At last, the waiting is over and the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 as the long-range Electrical vehicle is Debuted. This new EV by Volkswagen offers the 125-mile range in just one charging which when it would be compared with the Volkswagen E-Golf for example, ID.4’s range is quite interesting. Also, this car is equipped with the all-wheel drive. We want to take a look to its specifications in this article.

Big Battery, High Range, And Engine

The battery of the new Volkswagen ID.4 is 82-kW per hour. This is higher than the Ford Mustang Mach-E (with 75.7 kWh). Although the battery is bigger, the range is not really high. The range of Volkswagen ID.5 is 250 miles which is higher than the Mach-E but still VW couldn’t beat the Bolt’s rage with 259 miles.

On the other hand, the electric engine of this car is impressive. The motor produces 201-hp power and 309 newton-meters torques. This numbers are very competitive in this kind of vehicles. And of course, this is a EV all-wheel drive. This car is actually equipped with two electric motors. The front-mounted motor boosts the power to the 302-hp and the torque rises to 441 Nm. It is not proved yet that this technology works on thee EVs or not. Because a mount of weight is added to the car and it takes energy to be moved.

Costumers Friendly

As an option from the VW, the ID.4 consumers, they can charge their cars at Electrify America stations for 3 years without paying any penny. Of course, you should be aware the if your ID is connected to the charger within the last 10 minutes of finishing charging, you have to pay the price. By the way, three years, is three years!

Good Look and Style

The design of the ID is really simple, despite of this, attractive and relieve us about the its origins. This car there is no place of the big ugly grilles. It also has attractive LED-ringed accents and full-width front and rear light bars. The side curves also gave the look of Beetle. (of course, it’s not a beetle)

Inside the ID.4

The interior of this car is smaller that what would be expected. It is a minimalist cabin. A simple Screen, Touch-sensitive controls for the steering wheel, simple gages and the center console for charging the smartphones. Other options like airbags are available. But not much valuable, just for not dying.


The starting price of Volkswagen EV, is about $39;.99. but if there is any demand for special defers, don’t worry, money can solve it with $4.500. just in the first three-month of 2021, ID.4 would arrive.

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