2022 Volkswagen ID.6 Revealed With Capability Of Carrying 7 Passengers

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Volkswagen ID.6 has Revealed as the latest 7-seater electric car. It will sit on the Volkswagen ID.4 model with a more modern look and a new powertrain. The Volkswagen ID.6 has a different front facia compared to the VW ID.4 as it has larger headlights up front and redesigned faux intakes. The rear quarter glass has also been added to the car and there are flush-mounted door handles.

At the rear, there are also new headlights and a spoiler on the top. In this section, there is a faux skid plate and redesigned rear bumper.

Volkswagen ID.6

In terms of size, the ID.6 measures 4876 mm long which is 292 mm longer than the ID.4, and with a wheelbase of 2965 mm it is roomier than the ID.4 by 198 mm. With a wheelbase of near 3 meters, the Volkswagen ID.6 is capable of carrying 7 passengers that makes this car a good choice for families.


The normal version of the ID.6 uses an electric motor with 201 hp which is the same as the ID.4. there is also an AWD version with dual electric motors with a combined output of 302 hp.

VW hasn't mentioned the battery capacity yet but it is said that the ID.6 can travel up to 402 km by a single charge. If the battery is the same as the Volkswagen ID.4 it must be an 82 kWh pack.

There will be more information from the Volkswagen ID.6 in the coming weeks.

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