Volkswagen Touareg eHybrid And R PHEV Launched In Europe

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Volkswagen has officially started selling the Volkswagen Touareg eHybrid and R PHEV in Europe.


Both new variants of the Touareg are plug-in hybrid cars with the same V6 turbocharged engine alongside an electric motor but with different output figures. For the Touareg eHybrid the engine pumps out 381 hp but the same powertrain can produce 455 hp on the Touareg R PHEV. the fuel economy figure is 2.6 l/100 km for the Touareg eHybrid and 2.4 l/100 km for the Touareg R PHEV. both cars can travel up to 100 km on the EV mode.

VW Touareg

Both cars are also capable of towing a 3.5 tonnes trailer which is an impressive number for a hybrid vehicle.


Standard equipment for the new variants of the Touareg are 4-zone automatic climate control system, fully digital instrument cluster, panoramic sunroof, Discover Premium top navigation, new Park Assist system with remote parking, and LED matrix headlights.


Pricing for the Touareg eHybrid Starts from $84,888 and for the Touareg R PHEV it starts from $99,293.

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