Trinity, The Name of Volkswagen All-Electric Car

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Just recently the CEO of Volkswagen brand, Ralf Brandstatter, with a picture, has revealed the long-term plan of this German company for the brand-new halo electric car. This EV is still just a car under the fabric. By the way, its important to have a name for it. And more important have a specific plan to build it. It seems that VW has both of them.

As Brandstatter claims, this vehicle should be named as “Trinity”. Trinity is not born yet. What we have for now is the A-pillar ends over the wheel arch. If you are delighted to see the car soon, don’t be. You should wait till 2026, then its revealed.

Volkswagen has about 5 years to think more about Trinity to improve it and make is suitable for the future standards. This company tries to make the project more and more mysteriously. Just in three Ideas, which we can say about the vehicle are: “new architecture” ,“radically new production approach” and “autonomous driving & neural boost.”

Also Brandstatter defined the tree phrases of the Brandstatter claims:

“We are taking the lead for a flat-panel electrical platform, helping to shape the new group backbone; Level 2+ (level 4 ready) autonomous driving and neural network; Fully networked production processes.”

The Trinity of VW will be built about 300,000 units per year. This number is quite few for a company with about 700,000 vehicles per year there. This is not the first EV from the Volkswagen. But a small EV like it, not yet. Moreover, it is expected for Trinity costs about 700,000 vehicles per year there.

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