New Ranger, Better Than New VW Amarok, Birkic Claims

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Recently in this March, ford and Volkswagen announced they cooperation for the new pick-ups under the VW brand. Of course, Ford has a great record for building sport pick-ups like Ford Ranger. Despite of this cooperation, as the Carsales reports, president of the blue oval in the Australia, Andrew Birkic claims that the next generation of the new Ranger is definitely better than the Amarok R.

Ford Ranger 2020

Birkic, who is just recently selected to take the Kay Hart’s position at Ford Australia, confidentially claims that they are in a better position than the German automaker. He said to the Carsales :

“We have a really strong history and we have a really strong global play with Ranger. So I think for us it is how do we keep improving and raising the bar, whereas for them I think it’s a different play.”

He also thinks that, as Volkswagen Amarok has a different positioning, VW should figure new solutions and dynamics out. Also, he had some information about the T7 Ranger but didn’t gave hints for now except the general points.

“What I can share with you is the philosophy around continuous improvement. If you are going to be a successful player in 180 countries – and also be true to the core DNA of Ranger – then you have to push.”

Volkswagen Amarok

The first Generation of the Volkswagen Amarok was offered to the market in 2010 with a 2.5-liter engine. That is actually one-year before the ford Ranger birth. This pick-up was built independence and also has a successful sale in Australia. The Blue oval also predicts that Germans for the new Amarok add their own taste too.

VW Amarok rendering

As the Autobild reports the new Amarok would have a four-cylinder engine with 300-hp output power. From the out side this car is designed with chrome-parts, wider sills, and sportier aprons. Like other modern new cars, it would have also a big-meshed grille.

The new VW Amarok probably is presented in 2022, as we should wait one more year for the R version if this. Then we could say that is Ford acting better than the VW or not.

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