First Delivery Of Volkswagen ID.3. In Germany

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From the first of this month Volkswagen was busy to shipping its Electric vehicle around the Europe and today, 11th of September, Volkswagen delivered its first Volkswagen ID.3. to first customer, Oliver Nicolai in Dresden, Germany. We have waited a long time for this delivery. VW ID.3. is a car base on MEB-based mode. And it is handed over personally by the Sales Director Jürgen Stackmann. This is a start for all the dealerships in Germany to start delivering the cars so soon.

Volkswagen ID.3. 2020

By this event, also, VW showed ships full of cars in their way to UK, Norway and Sweden. As it is clear Europe is a priority. Some others are going from Italy to Ireland too. According to this, it would possible to increase the demand for Volkswagen ID.3. in Europe. And after delivering the ID.3. its time for ID.4. the sale of this MED-based model would accrue next year.

2020 Volkswagen ID.3. EV

Before, the German magazine “Auto Motor Und Sport” criticized VW ID.3. for its poor quality. As they reported this car doesn’t have VW's usual high requirements for body parts fit accuracy, minimal gaps, high-quality materials, and finish. Also, the software of infotainment is very poor and takes years to load. What’s more was the unsatisfying range which was 260-km and it was also much less than the companies claim. Moreover, Auto Motor Und Sport thinks €49,000 price is not fair at all and company should reduce the price to half.

Volkswagen ID.3.

However, this small EV is electric and if we neglect the procedure of making a single battery for it, it is environmentally friendly. Tesla Motors had also supported this Program and shared things and thoughts with Volkswagen. So, we try to be optimistic about this car.

There is no time for Volkswagen to make a mistake. Billions of dollars are going to the market. So, its necessary for the company to have a high sale. Otherwise, the consequences are irreparable.

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