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Bestune T55 Is Revealed, A Chinese Compact Crossover With Cadillac Face

To reveal the collaboration, FAW Bestune and the Li Ning brand held a press conference together. Simultaneously, FAW Besturn announced the official launch of its compact SUV Besturn T55, as well as the launch of six models with 1.5T displacement and prices ranging from 9.89 to 126.9 million Yuan

News May 4, 2021

NIO ET7 Debuted At 2021 Shanghai Auto Show With More Than 1000KM Range

The first smart electric flagship sedan from NIO has ushered in the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show. The new car will have a battery pack with a power of 150kWh and an NEDC range of more than 1000km.

News May 3, 2021

2021 JAC JS4 Revealed In The Chile Market With New Face & Small Engines

Chinese automakers are occupying the whole world. There is no wonder to see their works around. This time JAC has unveiled its new JS4 with two type of engines in Chile. The face of this SUV is futuristic, and as the same time a bit boxy. Anyway, it would be reasonably a good choice for many ranges

News April 30, 2021

Hongqi E-QM5 Announed In Shanghai Auto Show, Another EV Car By Chinese Automaker

At the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Hongqi has taken cover from another hybrid vehicle known as the E-QM5. It will compete with the E-HS9 zero-emission, luxury SUV and will have unique styling, including strange LED lights up front, vertical slats on the closed-off grille reminiscent of the Roewe Jing Concept, V-shaped taillights, and specific logos on the trunk lid

News April 29, 2021

Chase MIFA EV Concept Revealed At Shanghai Auto Show

At Shanghai Auto Show 2021, this year we saw a new concept car known as Chase MIFA EV. The Chase MIFA EV concept car was positioned as a pure electric MPV platform. According to reports, the model car is based on the MIFA architecture.

News April 24, 2021

Hypercar Hongqi S9 Revealed With 1,400 HP & 1.9 Seconds To Hit 62MPH!

Italy, a place where everyone goes for the project and taste for excessive impression. A place where Silk-FAW went there for shaping its hypercar for the future. A car that contains all performance numbers that you can expect it, is the conclusion.

News April 23, 2021

Jetour X90 Plus At 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Joins The Market Soon

Jetour debuted a brand-new mid-size SUV at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. The new vehicle, called Jetour X90 Plus, is based on the Jetour X90 and will be released later this year

News April 23, 2021

SAIC R ES33, The First SAIC All-Electric SUV At Shanghai Auto Show

The SAIC R sedan, which is part of SAIC's high-end pure electronic brand, also exceeded expectations at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show by bringing its first pure electric coupe SUV model, the ES33.

News April 23, 2021

Great Wall Cannon Baja Snake Pickup, Chinese Version Of Shelby

Great Wall introduced a new sport pickup truck called the Cannon Baja Snake. The Baja Snake version, based on the company's Cannon/Pao pickup truck, gets an air snorkel, lift pack, durable fender flares, and an intimidating mesh grille that makes the Snake appear like it's scowling at you – or maybe wearing grizzly, gravel-voiced 1980s actor, Sam Elliot's mustache.

News April 23, 2021

Haval Introduced 2 New Models At Shanghai Auto Show 2021

On the same stage at the Shanghai Auto Show, Haval took two models: Chitu and the third-generation H6 5G. The Haval Chitu is the fourth model in the Haval Lemon lineup, and it is positioned as a small SUV. The best trick of this car is the official statement that it only takes 7.7 seconds to go from 0 to 100km/h

News April 22, 2021

Xpeng P5 Announced, New Small All-Electric Vehicle Comes To Market In 2022

The Xpeng P5 is the third mass-produced product from Xpeng Motors. The new vehicle is marketed as a small pure electric vehicle. The vehicle's key labels are both auto-assisted driving and an intelligent immersive cockpit.

News April 21, 2021

Shanghai Motor Show Hosts Tank 300 Cybertank Concept

The WEY Tank 300 Cybertank is a concept SUV that debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show. The Cybertank is based on the Tank 300, but with its more aggressive nature and modifications, it stretches the envelope. The Tank 300 Cybertank, in particular, has a big body kit with flared wheel arches from WEY.

News April 21, 2021

Zeeker 001 Announced By Geely With 3.8 Seconds Acceleration

Geely is joining the Electric Cars community. This story started last year when this company presented the concept of Zero under the Geely’s Premium electric brand Zeeker. Now, this company has promised the arrival of the Zeeker 001 in China this fall. A good acceleration, big inner space, and high range of drive could be power points of this EV

News April 20, 2021

Hongguang MINI EV Convertible Revealed, Came Out The Minecraft At Shanghai Auto Show

The first convertible from Wuling New Energy, the "Hongguang MINI EV CAB RIO," was unveiled. SAIC-GM-Wuling has released official images of the car and revealed that it will debut it at the Shanghai International Auto Show in 2021

News April 18, 2021

Baojun E300 Will Be Unveiled At The Shanghai Auto Show

Today, Xinbaojun revealed that the latest E300 will make its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021, pushing the limits of luxury pieces with a futuristic mindset and offering more exquisite travel surprises to users who follow fashion trends

News April 17, 2021

Geely Announced The 7-Seat SUV Xingyue L, It Would Be On Shanghai Auto Show

Xingyue L's appearance, interior, and related configuration details were recently officially announced by Geely Automobile. The Geely Xingyue l is expected to make its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show later this month.

News April 17, 2021

FAW Pentium NAT Can Be A New Solution For Taxi Travel

A new model for the mobile travel service car's name is NAT, but before knowing it, do you remember the end of last year that the customer-specific automobile D1 was officially along with us by Didi and BYD? Its compact body size hides a spacious maturity, there are many special considerations for passengers, and the configuration is impressive

News April 17, 2021

2021 Jetour X90 Hybrid Announced With No Changed In Visual, Starts From 13,000 USD

Jetour, a sub-brand of Chery, reported the presence of another hybrid in the arrangement. Regardless of the low prevalence among Russian purchasers, new things are checked with fortunate consistency, since the producer disguises topographical appropriation plans.

News April 15, 2021

Geely Vision X3 Pro Is Getting Ready For 2021 Upgrades, New Grille Plus LED Lights

Geely Vision X3 is getting ready for an update as a compact crossover from China. The restyling has given the name an additional prefix Pro. So, the previous version will not be discontinued from sale.

News April 15, 2021

The New SAIC Maxus G50 PLUS Is Here, An Updated Look

The SAIC Maxus G50 PLUS was unveiled, with six versions ranging in price from RMB 10.98 to RMB 165,800. The new vehicle, which is based on the G50, mostly improves the PLUS's appearance and configuration. The "L" chrome trim strips on both sides mirror the rear bumper trim strips, which have the updated front grille with full LED automatic headlights.

News April 15, 2021