Bestune T55 Is Revealed, A Chinese Compact Crossover With Cadillac Face

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To reveal the collaboration, FAW Bestune and the Li Ning brand held a press conference together. Simultaneously, FAW Besturn announced the official launch of its compact SUV Bestune T55, as well as the launch of six models with 1.5T displacement and prices ranging from 9.89 to 126.9 million Yuan.

The Bestune T55's architecture makes it seem really impressive. It has the same body size as the Changan CS55. This collection of design elements also makes it instantly identifiable, including the boomerang-shaped light set that bounces back and forth, which is quite unusual. The weight, width, and height of the body are 4437/1850/1625mm, and the wheelbase is 2650mm. It is marketed as a small SUV.

The interior is almost identical to that of the Pentium B70. It employs the well-known dual-screen architecture. The Pentium T55 has a decent amount of riding space. The headspace in the front and rear is adequate. The longitudinal area in the back row is 4cm longer than in the Changan CS55 of the same height, and the seat cushion is long enough to make the back seat very comfortable. The only minor drawback is that the storage compartments in the front row are insufficiently allocated.

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