Geely Vision X3 Pro Is Getting Ready For 2021 Upgrades, New Grille Plus LED Lights

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Geely Vision X3 is getting ready for an update as a compact crossover from China. The restyling has given the name an additional prefix Pro. So, the previous version will not be discontinued from sale.

The pre-styled crossover enters the compact class with a length of 4,005 mm. The wheelbase is 2,480 mm.

The Geely Vision X3 Pro has received a modified grille that features "concave" wedges, as well as different bumpers. The front part can be replaced by changing the shape of the LED lights. By the way, they are completely absent from the current version: they were removed during the last restyling. In addition, the designers have taken advantage of the recently popular technique of replacing the rear nameplate with the large model name. The appearance has not undergone any changes.

Geely Vision X3

In the interior, the innovations were much more noticeable. First, the shape of the front panel was completely changed, making it more complicated. We installed new door cards and replaced the gear knob. Secondly, we got rid of the "scattered" deflectors and combined them into one common line. At the same time, the designers refrained from increasing the size of the multimedia system screen. It remained at 8.0 inches. But it was taken out of the console so that it became "floating" by combining the touch buttons and the screen. The engine start button has moved closer to the deflectors.

Geely Vision X3 Pro

Geely Vision X3 Pro on the domestic market is sold with a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with 109 hp. and 142 Nm of torque. The driver has the option to switch to Eco mode, which optimizes fuel consumption. For the predecessor, a manual transmission and a variomatic transmission were available. The Pro version will likely get the latest powertrain exclusively. There is no 4WD for this car and all versions are front-wheel drive. The retail price starts at 593,000 rubles in Russia.

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