The New SAIC Maxus G50 PLUS Is Here, An Updated Look

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The SAIC Maxus G50 PLUS was unveiled, with six versions ranging in price from RMB 109,800 to RMB 165,800. The new vehicle, which is based on the G50, mostly improves the PLUS's appearance and configuration. The "L" chrome trim strips on both sides mirror the rear bumper trim strips, which have the updated front grille with full LED automatic headlights.

SAIC Maxus G50

In addition, between the taillights, bright black plaques are inserted to link both sides to form a similar through-type pattern. The body size, on the other hand, does not have "PLUS," which is in line with the new model. The dimensions are 4825*1825*1778mm in length, width, and height, with a 2800mm wheelbase.

The updated car's interior has been significantly tweaked to preserve the original configuration, with the 12.3-inch revolving large screen and 12.3-inch instrument design remaining. The usage of computer shields for the first time is perhaps the most significant distinction. Wireless phone charging is available in the new vehicle, and the seats have a new contrast pattern of cinnamon brown and fine crystal rock.


The new car also has a completely updated ADAS 2.0 driver assistance system with a maximum speed range of 0-130 km/h, zero limit, and high-precision horizontal and vertical follow-up. It's a complicated situation. The new car also includes features including one-button parking and vehicle start control with a smartphone APP.

This new vehicle will continue to be powered by a 1.5T turbocharged engine that produces 166 hp and 250Nm of torque connected to a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox is paired with the transmission.

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