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2021 Toyota Camry Facelift Introduced for Chinese Market

GAC Toyota that builds Toyota cars for the Chinese market introduced an updated Toyota Camry in two different sport and luxury versions

News February 28, 2021

2021 Toyota Highlander Goes On Sale In China With Lexus NX200t Engine

Toyota officially announced the 2021 Highlander family SUV for the Chinese market on January 28th. Its starting price is 239,000 RMB and it will be delivered with Lexus NX200t engine

News February 11, 2021

New Update Packages For Toyota Camry Modellista

Toyota has always some surprises in its sleeve. This time is for the new Camry. Although this car has so many upgrades during the time, again this company has considered some points for its buyers in motherland. Till on, customers can customize their sedan with the aggressive GR and stylish Modellista sets of modification parts.

News February 10, 2021

Toyota Hilux Invincible With Extra Accessories For The UK Market

Toyota Hilux, the lovely midsize truck, has been around several years, and its hard to say that it has let its owner down. This time this company, in United Kingdom, has new offer for its customers which reflect the perfect knowledge of the targets needs. The upcoming news is about the necessary accessories which are always needed

News February 8, 2021

2021 Toyota Hilux AT35 Is Upgraded, Ready To Go Off-Roads

Among the big trucks line up; Toyota Hilux is one of the beloved ones. this big buddy has been around for several years. Yet this Pickup goes on the fame path. Now the Artic Trucks is going to do some modifications on this Toyota to make it more and more impressive.

News February 6, 2021

2021 Toyota Highlander Is Available For European Customers With Starting Price Of €53,250

It seems like Toyota is looking to dominate the SUV market. So, it has sent the redesigned version of 2020 Toyota Highlander to the European countries. It is safe to say that 2021 Toyota highlander has finally arrived at the European markets with a Hybrid powertrain and AWD capability

News January 26, 2021

Toyota & BHP Use Land Cruiser 70 As Electric Trucks In Mines

By stepping in to the new decade, from last awful year, the issue of electric vehicle is on trend. Now it seems that Toyota in Australia is making Electric trucks. It’s not actually a new model. It’s the same Land cruiser 70 Series which are getting modified by the Toyota and BHP. Toyota Australia announced this partnership on its website

News January 10, 2021

Toyota Le Mans Hypercar Will Be Debuted on January 15

At last, the Toyota GR Super Sport debuts on 15th January. This time its not just a concept. It is the production version of it. Toyota Gazoo has teased this even on its tweeter. This Super Sport Car was presented for the first time in concept form in June 2018. Although the real one has some defers but they are not significant.

News January 6, 2021

2021 Toyota Corolla Officially Launched With Minor Updates In Chinese Market

Toyota has launched a new version of the popular Corolla called 1.5L version for Chinese market with minor new updates. It is already available to order in China

News January 5, 2021

The New Toyota Land Cruiser Horizon Comes With A V8 Diesel Engine, Limited Edition For Australia

The Toyota Land Cruiser, one of the best SUVs and off-roaders in the world, is about to get the Horizon treatment. The treatment includes some super stylish and stylistics upgrades, both for the cabin and the exterior. The model will be limited to 400 units only

News December 26, 2020

Toyota C+pod, Ultra-Compact Battery Electric Vehicle

Just 100 years ago, society had a vision about the 21th century with flying cars, all electric cars and human like robots. We all had seen some models of these creation, of course not in huge number. Now we can also add the Ultra-compact battery electric Vehicle (BEV), which it would soon be added to the car’s category

News December 26, 2020

The End Of An Era Coming As Toyota Land Cruiser Leaves The US Maarket

The Japanese SUV will leave the US market after 2021.Toyota, the Japanese monster of automotive industry says that Toyota Land cruiser has been an important part of the market for almost 60 years or more.

News December 24, 2020

Meet The All-New 2021 Toyota Mirai, Most Attractive FCE Car

Toyota Motor Corporation has launched the redesigned version of Toyota Mirai. This car, is a FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle). The new Mirai has become available since yesterday

News December 10, 2020

Hydrogen Fuel Trucks, The Solution Of Toyota For No Emission Future

The efforts for having a green earth are processing with a high speed. Toyota as a company in the sunrising country now by cooperating with other companies, has started the program on light-duty trucks as this type of vehicle has a great rule on the daily logistics of convenience stores that support people's daily lives.

News December 8, 2020

2021 Toyota Rush Review, An Not Famous Compact SUV In The UAE Market

Compact SUVs are one of the biggest growing segments in the market and almost every automaker has some models in this segment and there is no exception for Toyota. Toyota Rush which is also known as the Daihatsu Terios in some markets is a compact SUV

Reviews December 2, 2020

Toyota’s Global Sales Went Up For The Second Sequential Month In October

The results of Toyota’s sales and production show that the company’s numbers were up almost 8 (by sales in the United States, China and other markets) and 9 (for production in China and Japan) percent in October. Lexus models, Levin, Camry and RAV4 were among the successful modes in these countries and the whole global market

News November 28, 2020

2022 Toyota Tundra Would Probably Look Like This

A blurry image revealed by an Instagram account showing some aspects of all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra. It seems there was a special event for selected dealers and Toyota just showed up the next generation of Tundra without any camouflage

News November 25, 2020

2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid Facelift For Europe, Far Away From Our Imagination

Toyota has recently introduced the new face lift of 2021 Camry Hybrid for the European. By the new facelift some updates are applied not just on the style of it, but also inside the cabin and software. Now this car looks much better and of course much practical

News November 24, 2020

2020 Toyota Yaris Review, An Economical Car For The UAE Market

Toyota Yaris has been a big part of the global market since the year is was born, 1999. In this article, we will take a look at the 2020 models offered to the UAE market.

Reviews November 13, 2020

Toyota Gazoo Racing On The 2021 Dakar Rally In Saudi Arabia

Rally is always on of the best competitions in the cars and trucks field. Now the 2021 Dakar Rally is going to be held in Saudi Arabian City of Jeddah. That is some how interesting the combination of sands and cars. But the real news is here. Toyota Gazoo Racing is signing up for the Rally with four different teams who are on the wheel of the new Hilux

News November 13, 2020