Toyota C+pod, Ultra-Compact Battery Electric Vehicle

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Just 100 years ago, society had a vision about the 21th century with flying cars, all electric cars and human like robots. We all had seen some models of these creation, of course not in huge number. Now we can also add the Ultra-compact Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), which it would soon be added to the car’s category. It is actually the newest vehicle by TOYOTA, suitable for many special areas.

This BEV is named “C+pod”. Toyota has on 25th of December announced a limit launch of C+pod. By changing the customers angle of view, and developing new methods of using vehicles, Toyota, as they are planned for 2022, should convince many communities to buy BEV. But for now, this environmentally-friendly two-seat BEV has the duty of improving per-person energy efficiency.

toyota c+pod, ultra compact battery electric vehicle

The C+pod is a great option for short distances in urban or even mountainous communities needing safe, unrestricted, and environmentally-friendly transportation. This very compact car has only two seats. The length of it is 2,5 m and with its 3.9 m minimum turning radius, the steering is very easily. It has a lithium-ion battery and the rear motor.

For now, the C+pod can go just 150 km on the battery with maximum speed of 60 km/h. Japanese should not worry about the charging too. You can charge it at any of 4,200 charging stations of Toyota dealers with G-Station chargers or at any standard charging spot across Japan (about 10,800 charging stations).

toyota c+pod, ultra compact battery electric vehicle

The design is what we expect of Toyota. The cabin is fully blacked-out. The head and rear lights are LED. Surprisingly this car has plastic panels to reduce is also available in five different two-tone color. The Art of color harmony is inside the car. whereas this cars interior is just 1,100 mm, company used the white color in contrast with the black interior to exceed the space.

The most important part of this news, is that the C+pod is just for Japan. Of course, just for now. In Japan, it is focusing initially on the C+pod, Walking Area BEVs, and Toyota i-Road, with more than 200 corporate and local government partners currently involved in exploring new transportation models. The cost is at least 1,650,000 yens. It seems that future has already arrived in Japan.

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October 7, 2021

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