Hydrogen Fuel Trucks, The Solution Of Toyota For No Emission Future

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The efforts for having a green earth are processing with a high speed. Toyota as a company in the sunrising country now by cooperating with other companies, has started the program on light-duty trucks as this type of vehicle has a great rule on the daily logistics of convenience stores that support people's daily lives.

By the agreement of Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Hino Motors, Ltd. (Hino), together with Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. (Seven-Eleven), FamilyMart Co., Ltd. (FamilyMart), and Lawson, Inc. (Lawson), the light-duty FCETs will be produced. They are actually light-duty fuel cell electric trucks. The main fuel of these Trucks will be just Hydrogen. If this contract works by 2022 the use of Hydrogen Trucks will be a pandemic phenomenon in Japan.

This decision was made as Japan is one of the countries with a no emission community in 2030. Also, if having a truck which have to go approximately 400 km around just with hydrogen fuel, becomes possible, maybe a hope to have other commercial vehicles like trucks and buses. These kind of vehicles as they are used daily by billions of people and also, they high emission rate, has significant effect on the global warming.

light-duty trucks with fuel cells no emission

Of course, some other issues are still remaining and they need more time to be figured out. One of them can be the amount of hydrogen is consumed also the reduction of price tags and the costs of hydrogen. The first step of this agreement is a trial operation of light-duty FCETs (max. payload: 3 tons) which would lunch by Toyota and Hino and then Seven-Eleven, FamilyMart, and Lawson will verify delivery by light-duty FCETs in logistics between multiple distribution centers and stores, to see whether or not continued trials are viable in 2022 and beyond, from the perspectives of businesses and the society.

All of these efforts are just for having a greener planet and live on it a bit longer. Also, by this new technology the hydrogen station would be built more and more and a lot money would be invested in this area. The future belongs to who can guess what comes next.

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