Meet The All-New 2021 Toyota Mirai, Most Attractive FCE Car

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Toyota Motor Corporation has launched the redesigned version of Toyota Mirai. This car, is a FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle). A FCEV car is a kind of vehicle that uses hydrogen as fuel. Hydrogen can be obtained from different energy sources. The new Toyota Mirai has become available since yesterday.


The concept of silent dynamism has been taken into account while designing this car. The all-new Toyota Mirai is a very attractive product, not just because of its eco-friendly personality, but also because of its super charming style. It is built on the GA-L platform.

The bold surface changes of the exterior, imply the sense of motion and speed. On the inside, we get this very comfortable ambiance which is mixed with fun and innovation.

Toyota Mirai Cabin

The all-new Toyota Mirai is available in eight different colors, including Force Blue Multiple Layers, which is new color with different shades to emphasize on Mirai’s beauty.

The new Toyota Mirai is designed with an engine that makes no noise or vibration. That makes the ride comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable. The rigidity of the body has been increased and that adds to the soundproof features used in Mirai.

Other features

The new Toyota Mirai is equipped with the company’s latest Toyota Safety Sense. This technology, is able to reduce serious consequences of accidents which results in lower injury or fatality numbers. The car features accessory outlets and external DC electric power system as well.

The new model also showcases new driving assist functions, which are based on the Mobility Teammate Concept. The drivers can benefit from the latest advanced parking assist technology, which can support them in recognition, judgment and operation while parking.

The all new Toyota Mirai is equipped with a kind of new technology that features an air purifier. The system takes the air in for the fuel cells and the releases the clean air again.

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