New Update Packages For Toyota Camry Modellista

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Toyota has always some surprises in its sleeve. This time is for the new Camry. Although this car has so many upgrades during the time, again this company has considered some points for its buyers in motherland. Till on, customers can customize their sedan with the aggressive GR and stylish Modellista sets of modification parts.

By the demand of the buyers, Toyota could give them extra services. The GR and Modellista or on the list of modifications. When we look closer to the offers, we can see the GR body kit looks alike the one which is already available in U.S. for Camry TRD. The front fascia is just same as each other.

Despite of this, GR package is much more aggressive. The splitter has lower edge which changes the look in the first sight. The Angular side sills also goes well with flanks. moving to the back of car, the rear lip spoiler which is installed on the tip of the trunk, made Camry sporty. The Revised rear bumper trim covers the area between the exhausts.GR has the 19-inch wheels too. It is colored with Pattern black and polished rim.

2021 toyota camry GR package

On the other hand, we have the Modellista parts too. The main Idea of this package is making the car more luxury. On the front fascia we see the horizontal strips that accentuate the vehicle's width and vertical chrome sections bracket each side. The shiny metal strips on the side sills, surrounds, and tail reveals this fact. This package as GR has the 19-inch wheels but with angular spoke pattern. Also, the offer of 17-inch design with a swirling pattern is available.

toyota camry modellista package

What this Japanese company has for United States? The updated model of 2021! By tricky aesthetic tweaks the look of Camry is sharper. The safety is improved too, thanks to the tech suite's camera and radar elements for longer range sensing and better functionality in low-light conditions. And the last option is the XSE trim level for the Camry Hybrid.

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