The End Of An Era Coming As Toyota Land Cruiser Leaves The US Maarket

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Well well well, we saw it coming, we just did not want to believe the bitter truth that one day, the 200-series of Toyota Land Cruiser will leave the market. The day has come and the end is inevitable. The current generation has been with us since 2007. Now we must say goodbye. The Japanese SUV will leave the US market after 2021.

Through the time, the 200-series Toyota Land Cruiser went under some changes, was updated a few time and received facelifts, but none of them were really major or game-changing.

Toyota, the Japanese monster of automotive industry says that Toyota Land cruiser has been an important part of the market for almost 60 years or more. It also mentioned:

While it will be discontinued after the 2021 model year, we remain committed to the large SUV segment and will continue to explore future products that celebrate the Land Cruiser’s rich off-road history

Toyota Land Cruiser Front

An unknown and unnamed source has said that the company does not intend to leave the US market alone after such great grief. It has plans to come back with an all-new Toyota Lan Cruiser, which is modern and super luxury. Still, it is not confirmed by the company itself and no further information is leaked although It is rumored that the hotter Land Cruiser might be equipped with a Lexus-developed 268-horsepower (199.8-kilowatts) twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

With the 200-series departure, the story does not end. It does not mean that we can’t see it on the streets ever again, does it? Since it was a super popular vehicle among Americans, Toyota won’t be happy with the number after killing it. So, sooner or later, it will eventually come up with another plan to replace it.

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