Toyota & BHP Use Land Cruiser 70 As Electric Trucks In Mines

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By stepping in to the new decade, from last awful year, the issue of electric vehicle is on trend. Now it seems that Toyota in Australia is making Electric trucks. It’s not actually a new model. It’s the same Land cruiser 70 Series which are getting modified by the Toyota and BHP. Toyota Australia announced this partnership on its website.

BHP is a resource company, which is operational in the Australia. Making an electric Land Cruiser is now its dream and duty. Of course, this new E-Track is not the same Truck as before. Its in smaller scale. This electric car is not going to go off-road, its actually going to go in mines.

toyota land cruiser 70 electric truck

Yes! Its not a joke, its about our earth. It seems, BHP don’t want make the air more polluted and what more no more diesel Trucks even. It doesn’t matter that how much horse powers are lost. What really matters, is that now a Land Cruiser as a plugged-in car is equipped with underground facilities and is ready to go underground.

The main Idea of such a thing comes from the Toyota Australia's Product Planning and Development division in Port Melbourne and the car goes in the BHP Nickel West mine in Western Australia. These two companies have worked along each other for 20 years and with this new trick they have plans to "change the future."

toyota land cruiser 70 electric truck

If the Idea of Electric Truck as workhorses, goes well, this can tackle the industries. Almost in every site just diesel trucks are going around. But by electric vehicles, the company’s goal for having 30 percent less emissions in 2030 comes true. Toyota Australia's President and CEO Matthew Callachor said:

"BHP and Toyota have demonstrated a strong relationship throughout the last 20 years, and this project is a great testament to how we can both works together as leading companies in our respective industries to change the future,"

For having more information about the success or fusilier of this project, we have to wait to see what comes next.

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