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CUPRA e-Garage Virtual Platform Revealed On Celebration Of 3rd Anniversary

CUPRA with its celebration to its third anniversary, emphasized to the company achievements. From the successes with its new cars to the high sale rates through the pandemic. But this ceremony wasn’t finished just with what they achieved but also with mentions of the new 100 electric car of this Spanish automaker.

News February 23, 2021

Four Tips For Your Plug-In Hybrid Car In Winter

By dropping temperature low, in winter, the performance and life cycle of most All-electric cars or hybrid ones reduce. According to this common problem, SEAT company has released a guide line which is usable for every single car, including SEAT-Leon. By keeping just 4 simple rules, try to keep the vehicle functional and pay no extra money for maintenance

News January 22, 2021

New 242 HP Engine Announced For Seat Tarraco With 5 & 7 Seats

Seat Tarraco is a crossover vehicle by Seat that uses the same platform as the VW Tiguan. Seat has introduced a new engine from the TSI family. Seat has introduced a new engine from the TSI family for the Tarraco crossover

News January 21, 2021

Is Tesla Model Y Functional With The Third Row Seats?

Elon Musk’s company, Tesla, has released some videos which showcase the Model Y’s third row of seats, without any passengers of course. In the official pictures of the model released before, we somehow know how the model’s cabin looks like. In the pictures, the rear part of the cabin looks so uncomfortable, since there is a little room for the passengers’ legs

News January 13, 2021

10 Useful Car Accessories For Winter, The Cold Is Coming

Winter has arrived and most of us getting prepared for the cold weather. This year, as it is foreseen, the temperature would be mostly below zero and mostly its windy snowy. Also, the Filomena storm is going around the Europe, SEAT company decided to give us hints about ten very useful accessories inside your car

News January 12, 2021

Seat’s First Electric Vehicle Is A Two-Wheel, Aiming The European Market

The EV is the result of Seat’s co-operation with Silence. The latter is motorbike company in Barcelona. The name of the product is MO 125 and is claimed to be zero-emission. It is believed to be perfect substitute for ICE powered scooters

News January 9, 2021

The All-New SEAT Leon Wins The AUTOBEST 2021 Title

AUTOBEST is the title for the Best Buy Car of Europe, and the new SEAT Leon has been able to win this title for 2021. The jury of AUTOBEST includes 31 judges who are mostly automotive journalists from Europe. It was the second time in 70 years

News December 15, 2020

Primary Questions About All Electric Cars: Transmission, Exhaust, Battery & Rain

Just in 9 months of 2020, the sale of electric cars in Europe has increased to 121%. That is a new record for a new born car type. This fact reveals the society desire for less air pollution. On the other hand, there are so many petrol fans don’t want to even think about having an electric car. also, there are many unanswered questions about the electric cars

News December 11, 2020

The All-New SEAT Leon To Offer 7 Airbags As Standard

The new SEAT Leon was able to get a five-star rating from Euro NCAP. The testing method has become harder and more challenging in 2020, but the company was able to offer one of the safest cars of the market

News December 9, 2020

800 Hours In Darkness To Test New Light Technology Of SEAT Leon

Recently SEAT has reviled its new car Cupra Leon. This car has brought hopes to the company. But what is going on is that this company didn’t leave any thing to chance for have a Successful Sedan. Now there is tests of this car’s lights in the darkest place of Europe. It seems that although LEON has very narrow light strips, they could bring enough light and safety to the passengers

News December 3, 2020

2021 Cupra Formentor Pricing Revealed For The UK Market

Cupra has officially launched the Formentor in the UK and now the new car is available with a base price of $35,343 for the V1 trim

News October 28, 2020

Seat Leon E-Hybrid Pricing And Specs Starts From 29,259 USD

Seat has announced the Leon E-Hybrid which is a plug-in hybrid version of the Leon hatchback. The Leon E-Hybrid is powered by a 1.4-liter TSI engine connected to an electric motor. The plug-in hybrid unite can produce 201 hp sent to the wheels

News October 16, 2020

2021 Cupra Leon, The First PHEV Hot Hatch On VW GTI Platform

The 2021 Cupra Leon will soon launch in Europe to compete with other hot hatches like the VW Golf, Honda Civic Type R, and Hyundai i30 N. the new Cupra Leon will be available in both hatchback and station wagon (Spotstourer) body style

News October 12, 2020

SEAT Ibiza And Arona To Drop Diesel Powertrains In The U.K. Market

Seat decided to drop 1.6-liter four-cylinder TDI engine from Ibiza and Arona caused by low demand for them in the UK market. The diesel powertrain was available in two versions with 93 and 113 horsepower

News September 15, 2020

Seat Tarraco To Receive New Engine Powered By VW

Seat has introduced a new powertrain option for the Tarraco compact crossover. The new engine is sourced by the Volkswagen group

Article September 4, 2020

Facelifted 2021 Seat Ateca Launched In The United kingdom

Seat has launched the 2021 refreshed version of the Ateca compact crossover in the U.K. the facelifted Ateca pricing starts from $31,590

News September 2, 2020

2021 Cupra Ateca Is On The Way As A Non-Premium SUV

VW Group has many non-premium performance SUV on its line up from Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Cupra. The last brand is launched by Seat in 2018 as a sport division of Seat. Cupra npw introduced another non-premium performance SUV which is the 2021 Ateca

News August 9, 2020