Primary Questions About All Electric Cars: Transmission, Exhaust, Battery & Rain

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Just in 9 months of 2020, the sale of electric cars in Europe has increased to 121%. That is a new record for a new born car type. This fact reveals the society desire for less air pollution. On the other hand, there are so many petrol fans don’t want to even think about having an electric car. also, there are many unanswered questions about the electric cars.

Seat company decided to start from its company and as a part of work, they educated their staffs about the electric cars and their way of work, in associate with their professor at Seat’s electromobility Learning Centre (eLC), Antonio Salinas.

Here are some main questions about electric cars are inspected.

Electric Vehicles Are Automatic

As electric cars don’t need gearbox, so the only way to reduce the speed is by reducing the revolution od electric motor. And the power and torque are driven directly to the wheels. Of course, with Hybrid cars when they are in fuel mode you can select the gear manually.

No Exhaust Pipe For All-Electric Vehicle

Having an exhaust pipe for all electric vehicle is like a joke, while there is no combustion in engine and to exhaust gasses need to be evacuated. In some electric cars there are some fake exhaust pipes and also artefactual sounds, to give the sense of a combustion engine.

The Battery Is Made For Handle All The Vehicle Function

Don’t forget that for an electric car, all the aspects of energy consumption. So, by using the heating, lights or music don’t affect the Battery at all. In a plug-in hybrid vehicle, in electric mode, the circumstances are the same, and in fuel mode it works with petrol, so it affects it to a lesser extent.

Bigger Interior

Mostly the battery is located in the lower part of the floor. So that means bigger interior for the seat space. Also, in plug-in hybrid vehicle, designers considered the battery in external spaces so it doesn’t affect the passenger compartment. In addition, it doesn’t mean that the fuel tank is smaller in hybrid cars.

Don’t Afraid Of Rain

There are some myths of danger of water in motor. In all-electric cars or hybrid mode there are many of these measures are grouped together in the battery control unit. So, if any hazard happens to the engine or malfunction, the engine will automatically switch off.

At the end never do open the motor yourself. Just leave it to the specialists and do the maintenance on the exact schedule.

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