Four Tips For Your Plug-In Hybrid Car In Winter

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By dropping temperature low, in winter, the performance and life cycle of most All-electric cars or hybrid ones reduce. According to this common problem, SEAT company has released a guide line which is usable for every single car, including SEAT Leon. By keeping just 4 simple rules, try to keep the vehicle functional and pay no extra money for maintenance.

seat leon winter charging tips

Recharge The Battery, When Its Still Warm

As Winter is here, weather is freezing. This low temperature affects the electric devices which are used inside the EVs or plug-in Hybrids. as cold weather reduces the electrochemical processes inside the Lithium-Ion cells, the best situation for recharging the battery, is a place with higher temperatures. The best time for charging, is just right after a drive, when the battery is still warm.

seat Leon charging in winter tips

Pre-heat The Interior

Also, inside the car, is so many wires and facilities which are feed on the battery. the best temperature for electrical components is 22 Celsius. To achieve this comfort temperature, is to turn on the car’s heating or activate the heated seat and steering wheel functions remotely using the SEAT Connect app a few minutes before getting into the car, with the vehicle still connected to the charger.

seat leon winter charging

Do the Start On Combustion Mode

For your plug-in hybrid car, try to use the combustion mode for the first start. the vehicle will start off in combustion mode, which will raise the temperature after a short while for the correct use of the battery. Also, you can just turn on the pre-heating function and warm up the battery just before traveling. And keep it in mind, if you forget to do these guides, don’t worry. All the cars have passed very extreme test to survive in cold weathers.

Drive It So Smoothly

The solution to have a healthy vehicle for a long time, is a very smooth drive. On the one hand, the consumption is reduced and on the other hand, it is very necessary that the electric motor delivers all its thrust from the start. Furthermore, smooth drive helps to supply energy through regenerative braking which is found on the SEAT Leon too. In this way you increase the battery range and also have sharper braking.

seat leon winter tips

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