Seat’s First Electric Vehicle Is A Two-Wheel, Aiming The European Market

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The EV is the result of Seat’s co-operation with Silence. The latter is motorbike company in Barcelona. The name of the product is MO 125 and is claimed to be zero-emission. It is believed to be perfect substitute for ICE powered scooters.

MO 125 is equipped with 21 horsepower electric motor, like a 125 cc normal scooter. It produces 240 Nm of torque. The maximum speed is 95 km/h. It is also worth mentioning that the motor is rear mounted.

There are three driving modes offered to enhance the ride dynamics. The speed hits 50 km/h in less than 4 seconds, meaning 3.9 seconds. The Eco mode is design to provide maximum energy saving.

Seat Escooter

The lithium-ion battery pack stores 5.6 kWh of energy and comes with a range of 85 miles for a single charge.

It is possible to charge the pack at all standard charging stations while mounted on your bike. The supported power socket is 230 V.

The carrying system designed for the device makes moving the pack very comfortable. It uses a set of wheels which makes it possible to even use it as an independent power house.

The system mentioned above makes MO eScooter 125 an ideal choice for users who are on the way and want to swap batteries fast and easy.

The pack can also be used as an onboard storage. The device can easily fit two helmets inside or one helmet and enough storage for other personal belongings.

Seat has followed the route of digitalization and developed an app for the pack to comfortably track the vehicle. This app provides handy information like the location and charging level of the device.

Customers can stop worrying about charging their pack as the device equips two fast-charging USB ports.

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