Is Tesla Model Y Functional With The Third Row Seats?

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Elon Musk’s company, Tesla, has released some videos which showcase the Tesla Model Y’s third row of seats, without any passengers of course.

In the official pictures of the model released before, we somehow know how the model’s cabin looks like. In the pictures, the rear part of the cabin looks so uncomfortable, since there is a little room for the passengers’ legs. It is hard for the viewer to understand whether it is the wrong angle that creates an illusion or the legroom is truly small.

Now the video clips are finally here to clear or confirm the judgements. You might think that it provides you with perfect view of the cabin and that you get to see both the second and third seat rows clearly. Bad news, that is not happening. The video is not really clear either, since it gets dark when it gets to the main part, meaning the third row.

The other problem is that there are no passengers sitting inside, so we cannot really understand how sitting in the third row works for an adult, or how much the actual legroom is. According to the video, in order to use the third row, you must slide the second row forward. Does that mean sitting might get uncomfortable for the passengers of the third and the second row?

Here you can check out the video for yourself and feel free to pass judgment.

What do you think?