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All We Know About All-New 2022 Porsche 911 GT3

At last, after a long marathon of teasers and spy shots, Porsche has unwrapped its new 911 GT3. As usual we can see the high impact of aerodynamic element but the same lines of previous 911’s. The 2022 911 GT3 worth to be on the spotlight. Let’s have a survey on this new coupe

News February 18, 2021

The Old Models Of Porsche Will Go Under Cover To Excessive Emissions Tests

If you could remember, Volkswagen was accused for cheating on the emissions numbers. Now it seems that the scandal of Volkswagen has reached Porsche as well. What is happened is related to some old models of this German company. Business Insider reports, there are problems with select 2012-2016 Boxster, Cayman, 911, Panamera, and Cayenne models that do not comply with the emissions standards

News January 31, 2021

Porsche Taycan Range Is Extended With The Arrival Of the New Model

The new Taycan is here and that means the German company, Porsche, has released its fourth full-electric sports vehicle. Now it proudly stands next to Taycan Turbo S, Taycan 4S and Taycan Turbo.

News January 20, 2021

2020 Was A Good Year For Porsche Sales And It’s Looking Forward To 2021

2020 was tough for everyone. The Covid-19 hit and brought days of lockdown with itself. Still, Porsche did a great job and is satisfied with the numbers and results

News January 18, 2021

The New Porsche Boxster 25 Is Here To Pay Tribute To The 1996 Model

It was 1996 when the 986 Boxster was born. People loved it. Now after 25 years, Porsche has come back with an anniversary model to pay homage to the original and iconic roadster. Its name is 2021 Porsche Boxster 25.

News January 13, 2021

Read What Sami Khedira Has To Say About Love, Happiness & Porsche 911

Sami Khedira is the world champion footballer and ambassador of Porsche’s youth development program. He has had an interview recently, and has talked about topics like happiness, one of the Porsche vehicles and love

News January 11, 2021

Look At The Porsche 718 Cayman Shining In Snake Pass

The gorgeous Python green 718 Cayman drives through one the most beautiful places of England, the Peak District which is located in Snake Pass

News January 11, 2021

Techart Porsche Cayenne Could Do 0-100Km/h In Just 3.6 Seconds

Techart is not a new name, since it is one of the famous German car tuner such as Mansory and others. Now the company has decided to focus on Porsche Cayenne and offer as many modes as possible for it. The mods will include body kits, interior packages, and power upgrades.

News December 28, 2020

Meet The Members Of “Drive Defines Her” Campaign At Porsche Middle East

Porsche Middle East and Africa FZE, have launched a campaign with strong successful as it members, to empower women all around the world with #DriveDefinesHer.

News December 27, 2020

The Story Of Porsche Cayenne, From Bold Decision To Guinness Book

Eighteen Years ago, the Porsche Cayenne entered the market for the first time and has managed to be one company’s most popular models since the very first day. The SUV was able to create a whole new segment with its arrival

News December 13, 2020

Porsche And The Turbo Principle, A Pioneer On Feeling

It was 45 years ago when Porsche came up with the Turbo model designation for one of it most iconic models, the 911. Since that day, Turbo is the symbol of speed and the most exciting variant, so it is pretty critical to the company. It is a law, a character and a principle

News December 13, 2020

Sounce, The Most New Porsche Employee Is Ready To Hear

For building a car, thousands of hours of work and tests lays. By employing the new technologies, the production has been speeded up. Now Porsche Digital has developed its new artificial intelligence assistant who is going to help the engineers at the test section to detect the errors and find the root just by noises

News December 12, 2020

Taycan, The First Porsche All-Electric Sports Car Launched In South Korea

The All-electric Porsche Taycan, which is the company’s first pure electric sports car, has been revealed in Korea thanks to a jaw-dropping hologram show. The debut took place at Porsche Taycan Arena, in Garosu-gil in Seoul

News December 5, 2020

Porsche And Siemens Energy Take A Big Step For A Greener Earth, The eFuel

In the world of future, there are massive companies are working on Electric vehicles. They can be Trucks or bikes. But in the battle of better Batteries and charges, Porsche once again sowed its uniqueness. This German Auto maker with Cooperating with Siemens Energy, reveals the eFuel which can be even a better alternate of not just Fossil Fuels but also Electric Cars

News December 5, 2020

2021 Porsche 911 GT3 Will Be Available With A Six-speed Manual Transmission

Apparently, this 2021 model is going to look cleaner and sleeker than any other Porsche car ever made. The new Porsche 911 GT3 is powered by a naturally aspirated 4.0-litre flat six engine. This super powerful system is supposed to generate 500 horsepower. The engine is not going to be alone, as it is paired with a six-speed manual transmission

News November 30, 2020

The Porsche GT Club UAE, A Beautiful Place For The UAE Porsche Enthusiasts

The Porsche GT Club UAE, is a beautiful place with lots of fun activities for the UAE Porsche enthusiasts. They gather to make friends and ride around in their Porsche and have fun. Ziad Hamid, has visited the club and shared the experience

News November 28, 2020

Porsche Taycan In The Guinness World Records As The Longest Drift Of Electric Vehicle

Porsche with its new all electric Taycan jumped a far step ahead of other automakers. Taycan is not just an All-electric Car but also is a master piece of engineering. This car has many records. One record in Nardò or on the Nürburgring. Now this name has entered to the Guinness World Records as “the longest drift with an electric vehicle”

News November 25, 2020

Shurooq Zainal, The First Female Director In Porsche Middle East Senior Management Team

Ms. Shurooq Zainal, has been appointed to the position of Legal and Compliance director, which make her the first female director in the Porsche middle East team. Hopefully, this announcement will encourage more women to step up and take on roles as directors and managers

News November 24, 2020

Unreleased Concepts of Porsche, The Unseen Future

Porsche the automaker of the best cars with significant aerodynamics and designs, has recently opened its mystery notebook. There are some concepts from 2005 to 2019 which never was built. This includes 15 different cars.

News November 15, 2020

Visit Porsche's Booth at 2020 Beijing Auto Show Virtually

As the corona virus has spread all around the world, so many important events have been shut down. But china with all the hard conditions didn’t postponed the 2020 Beijing Motor Show. Although the are some progresses in controlling the pandemic, but traveling around and visiting the show is still hard for many people. So, Porsche, the German auto maker gives solution

News September 28, 2020