The Story Of Porsche Cayenne, From Bold Decision To Guinness Book

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Eighteen years ago, the Porsche Cayenne entered the market for the first time and has managed to be one company’s most popular models since the very first day. The SUV was able to create a whole new segment with its arrival.

Cayenne is known as the sporty with Porsche DNA, which saved the company from financial crisis years ago. It is known as the symbol of success. It is exactly what the market of 21st century needs.

The Story

The idea of Cayenne’s creation was first announced in 1998, but it was not final. The development team moved onto the site in Hemmingen. After the 911 and the Boxster models, Cayenne became the most important model. Zuffenhausen was the site in which the beloved SUV was developed.

Harm Lagaaji, was the Chief Designer who designed Porsche Cayenne and then started as the Turbo and S models. The second generation, the S Hybrid later became the S E-Hybrid. Making a hybrid model was an important milestone.

The Porsche Cayenne holds many “superlative” titles and world records. For instance, in 2007 to 2008, it could sell almost 50,000 units with an overall production of 105,000 units. It could get into the Guinness Book of World Records after pulling a 285-tonne Airbus A380 for 42 metres. The list goes on.

Porsche Cayenne

From the very first day, Porsche showed no compromise while building the model. Hans-Juergen wöhler says:

We took a look at the competition and opted for an elegant visual appearance paired with striking sportiness. It was important to us that even the back seats had sufficient headroom. We have achieved a perfect roof line. The impression of space was vastly improved thanks to the excellent idea of installing a panoramic glass roof

Having interesting plans for the future, the company has now secure the position of nearly 700 employees.

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