Sounce, The Most New Porsche Employee Is Ready To Hear

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For building a car, thousands of hours of work and tests lays. By employing the new technologies, the production has been speeded up. Now Porsche Digital has developed its new artificial intelligence assistant who is going to help the engineers at the test section to detect the errors and find the root just by noises.

The Porsche Digital is the subsidiary of the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer and in charge for finding and scaling new digital business models and optimize existing products. Now this center has revealed the digital assistant ‘Sounce’. This assistant can detect the noise during tests of endurance. By these types of tests, mostly development engineers should be personally present for it and doing long time test makes them so tired.

Porsche Digital Acoustic Assistant

But now this new assistant can find the errors and record them. Also, this artefactual intelligent finds the causes and the way to solve them. Porsche Digital believe that Acoustic testing can increase the quality and reduce the costs and time in a significant way. Patricia Rennert, Head of Industry Solutions at Porsche Digital explains:

With Sounce, it is possible to reliably check the noise development of load-bearing components round the clock and under various conditions. This enables us to improve the opportunities for analysis in early component tests

Using such technology is not just usable for a single industry, it can be so practical for various areas such as wind turbine (which is used already). As every simple component has its unique acoustic signal, the combination of them by a human is hard. So, the Sounce is there to help.

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