Shurooq Zainal, The First Female Director In Porsche Middle East Senior Management Team

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Ms. Shurooq Zainal, has been appointed to the position of Legal and Compliance director, which make her the first female director in the Porsche Middle East team. Hopefully, this announcement will encourage more women to step up and take on roles as directors and managers.

She was born and raised in the UAE. She is the first Emirati in the team, too. Ms. Zainal has 11 years of experience at an international law firm in MENA Dispute Resolution Group. She joined Porsche’s team in 2018 and now after two years, she has become the director.

Dr. Manfred Braeunl, the Chief Executive Officer of Porsche Middle East and Africa FZE says:”

We continuously strive to achieve and maintain excellence in the areas of Legal, Compliance and Integrity. Over the past years, Shurooq has demonstrated the commitment, experience and merit that’s needed for such a role. We have complete faith in her abilities to execute these responsibilities in this region and congratulate Shurooq on her achievement. For me, Shurooq is a role model for Female Empowerment in what is considered a male dominated industry. Thanks to her hardworking attitude and dedication, she is also a leading example for Emirati nationals striving to break the glass ceiling within the private sector.”

Shurooq Zainal

Ms. Zainal is an experienced expert in her field as she graduated from University of Sharja (with a bachelor’s degree) in Sharia and General Law, 2002. She was also offered a full scholarship due to her achievements by the Ruler of Dubai, to continue her master’s degree abroad.

She was selected as a mentor to train Emirati students and graduates in the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Youth Affair’s Youth Hub.

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