2020 Was A Good Year For Porsche Sales And It’s Looking Forward To 2021

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2020 was tough for everyone. The Covid-19 hit and brought days of lockdown with itself. Still, Porsche did a great job and is satisfied with the numbers and results.

Amid the pandemic, the company was able to sell almost 272,162 new vehicles globally. The number is only three percent off the record Porsche set for 2019. The number is 6,202 units in the Middle-east and African region. It was the company’s best second half result in almost five years.

The CEO of Porsche Middle East and Africa FZE, Dr. Manfred Braeunl said that the company faced many challenges during the past year, but was able to turn each and every one of them into opportunities. The difficult situation and hard work led them to the highest second half order intake in six years and the largest order bank since almost six years ago.

They were able to introduce some new models such as Porsche’s first all-electric sports car, the Taycan. They are keeping up with plans to electrify the region and add the new Panamera and 911 Turbo to the market. They also intend to expand the 718 range.

Dr. Manfred Braeunl

The company was able to deliver 20,015 units of Porsche Taycan in 2020. So, it means it did great job despite the six-week production stop it faced. Taycan’s sales number hit 92,860 internationally. Almost 21,784 718 models were delivered to their new home. 34,328 customers received the Porsche 911.

United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait were among the countries which had the highest sales number. Qatar and Saudi Arabia enjoyed the highest sales numbers in five years. Kuwait and Abu Dhabi had the highest order in take in more than half a decade.

According to Braeunl, the limitations helped them to grow and learn new method to interact with the customer, like virtual and online approaches.

He also said,

Behind the scenes, we successfully concluded our first virtual training modules as well as our regional Sales & Marketing Conference via live stream with interactive features. We launched quick and innovative programmes, such as our FastStart initiative and have maintained a close relationship with all importers for maximum support.

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