The Porsche GT Club UAE, A Beautiful Place For The UAE Porsche Enthusiasts

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As we all know, there is a long distance between Germany and Abu Dhabi, but it does not mean the well-known carmaker can’t have fans in the United Arab Emirates. Just take a look at this amazing picture. Have you ever seen so many Porsche cars in one place?!

Porsche GT club UAE

Friendship and connecting

Guest author, Zaid Hamid, has visited a ground full of Porsche cars. Thanks to the social media, connecting to the other side of the globe is easier than ever. Hamid, made contact with one of the Porsche GT Club UAE founders, whose name is Mohammed Seyfi, and apparently was invited to visit the site and meet the members of the ground.

Porsche GT club UAE 2

With Seyfi, Faris Al-Munaiei and Fahed Al-Marzouqi working together, this fantastic club is a host to many entertaining activities such as track days, road trips, evening barbecues and tons of other fun plans. All the Porsche lovers get together to share their experiences and connect.

The main focus of this community is on track days

As Hamid says, track days are a big part of this club’s activities. The Dubai Autodrome and the Yas Marina Circuit, are always available for a big number of members. They can get together to brag about the performance of their dear Porsche. Watching the different models like the Carrera GT and Porsche 918 Spyder accelerating through the night is a magical experience.

Looking for a racetrack? Consider membership

A car is created to be driven. You should accelerate as much as you can, until all the eyes are on you. So, do not be shy in this club because you are expected to race and enjoy, while you have the chance to use this amazing club.

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