Porsche Taycan In The Guinness World Records As The Longest Drift Of Electric Vehicle

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Porsche with its new all electric Porsche Taycan jumped a far step ahead of other automakers. Taycan is not just an All-electric Car but also is a master piece of engineering. This car has many records. One record in Nardò or on the Nürburgring. Now this name has entered to the Guinness World Records as “the longest drift with an electric vehicle”.

For recording this event, Dennis Retera set on the wheel of Taycan and of course the whole team of Guinness experts were on the Porsche Experience Centre (PEC) Hockenheimring. This site has recently opened and celebrated its first birthday. On the other hand, the queen of the Europe Drift, Denise Ritzmann, was there to confirm the technical standards of a real drift.

The Taycan which was on the track, was the one with the rear-wheel drive system. This type is already available in Chinese market. By doing 210 laps on the 200-metre-long drift circle without the front wheels ever pointing in the same direction as the curve, in 55 minutes the 55 minutes drift became the longest drift than ever with an all-electric car. Dennis Retera controlled the car for 42.171 km with average speed of 46 km/h.

As Retera says driving the Taycan without the driving stability programmes is easy but the hard part was concentration. He said:

Nevertheless, it was also very tiring for me to keep my concentration high for 210 laps, especially as the irrigated asphalt of the drift circuit does not provide the same grip everywhere. I concentrated on controlling the drift with the steering – this is more efficient than using the accelerator pedal and reduces the risk of spinning

Having a place in the Guinniss book is not an easy path. Till now, there were no records for an all electric drift car in the book. Before the test a local land surveyor measured the 80-metre diameter area of the Porsche Experience Centre with millimeter precision. GPS and yaw rate sensors within the vehicle were used for documentation purposes, as was a camera installed on the roof of the track’s control tower, with which the record ride was filmed.

Porsche Taycan seems to be a nonstopable vehicle. On one hand, its very green car and has all the standards and on the other hand, its breaking the line of an Electric car. Porsche has taught us maybe the gasoline cars are powerful but electric ones can also do well and also protect the earth too which gasoline ones can’t.

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