Porsche And Siemens Energy Take A Big Step For A Greener Earth, The eFuel

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In the world of future, there are massive companies are working on Electric vehicles. They can be Trucks or bikes. But in the battle of better Batteries and charges, Porsche once again sowed its uniqueness. This German Auto maker with cooperating with Siemens Energy, reveals the eFuel which can be even a better alternate of not just Fossil Fuels but also Electric Cars.

By the program of preserving environment and Co2 neutralizing, Porsche and Siemens Energy has done a big investment (about 20 million Euros) on eFuels which are actually synthetic climate-neutral fuels. This is only the Pilot phase to have around 130,000 liters of eFuels in 2022. The next phase is to increase the production to 55 million liters by 2024 and in 2026, around 550 million liters of eFuels. Moreover, Porsche will be the first customer of this new fuel.

Siemens Energy cooperated with Porsche for Efuel

How Does Efuel Works?

The base of this new fuel is Hydrogen. The needed hydrogen is coming from electrolyzers to dissociate water into its two components, oxygen and hydrogen. Then, plans call for filtering CO2 out of the air and then combining it with the green hydrogen to form synthetic methanol. Now this methanol can be used by both Gasoline cars or hybrid ones.

Green Hydrogen From Green Resources

There would be a big question that electrolyzing to extract hydrogen from water needs a big amount of electricity. So how can be green the answer lies in the cooperation of two more allies, the energy firm AME and the petroleum company ENAP from Chile and Italian energy company Enel. Actually in Chile, the climate condition made the region so suitable for wind farms. And it is possible to make cheap electricity from a renewable and clean source of energy.

Don’t forget that in most batteries Cobalt is used. For mining this mineral, the pollution is much high and also it is so toxic and dangerous. Just with a slight google you will find who works at Cobalt-mines.

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