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Sion The Newest EV Prototype Of Sono Motors At CES

Jung startup, Sono Motors, took the CES event as a chance and at this event introduced its next-generation prototype for the Sion EV. This new born German company, which also gather sponsors throw crowdfunding, by its new prototype showed they are really eager to produce a real environment friendly car

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Sony Vision-S Can Be A Dangerous Rival To Other EVs

Last year, we were surprised by Sony at CES, since it unveiled something we did not expect, an EV. We thought it would only stay a concept, a far-fetched dream to the industry. Now after a year, we are even more surprised to hear and see that Vision-S has finally become a prototype

News January 17, 2021

Meet The New Renault 5, A New Electric Model With Unique Design

The French company has come back with a surprise and the fans have gone wild. One the company’s most popular vehicles, the Renault 5 is set to be renewed for 2025 and the model was previewed a few days ago

News January 16, 2021

One Big Step For KIA, Welcome To Sustainability World

Today on the 15th January so many things happened to Kia motors. In Digital showcase Kia has announces some new details of is new company strategy, its new slogan and more over the new name of company. This South Korean company chose a risky but necessary way for this new decade. This company with its new name would be the home of sustainability manufacturing

News January 15, 2021

IM Zhiji Unveiled Two New Model, All-New EV Car By SAIC

IM Zhiji is a new car brand launched by the Chinese automaker SAIC. IM stands for “Intelligence in Motion”. The main reason for this naming is that SAIC is going to focus on smart cars

News January 15, 2021

Renault R5 Is Back Again, Under The Skin Of EV Concept

Renault R5 Is one of the models, which almost every one has a memory of this. This model was very viral in 1970’s. now the French automaker, did a big risk to bring this nostology once again to life. But now, we can see this beloved car, under the skin of Electric Vehicle. Yes! Just in 50 years everything has changed

News January 15, 2021

Corvette Stingray To Join Forza Horizon 4

Good news for Horizon 4! Soon a mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, will join the Forza Horizon gaming platform today. The model is one of the most famous and most popular supercars of the world

News January 14, 2021

Is Tesla Model Y Functional With The Third Row Seats?

Elon Musk’s company, Tesla, has released some videos which showcase the Model Y’s third row of seats, without any passengers of course. In the official pictures of the model released before, we somehow know how the model’s cabin looks like. In the pictures, the rear part of the cabin looks so uncomfortable, since there is a little room for the passengers’ legs

News January 13, 2021

Hongqi E111 EV Has The Weirdest LED Lights As It Is Revealed In China

The new electric vehicle named E111 is the product of Hogqi. The model is designed and will be sold in the Chinese market only. The model was debuted online.

News January 11, 2021

This Is The ET7, NIO’s First Electric Sedan

The Chinese brand, NIO, kept us waiting for some time before the debut of its first electric sedan. Now it has finally unveiled the promised EV. The ET7 is finally here and it somehow reminds us of Lucid Air

News January 10, 2021

Toyota & BHP Use Land Cruiser 70 As Electric Trucks In Mines

By stepping in to the new decade, from last awful year, the issue of electric vehicle is on trend. Now it seems that Toyota in Australia is making Electric trucks. It’s not actually a new model. It’s the same Land cruiser 70 Series which are getting modified by the Toyota and BHP. Toyota Australia announced this partnership on its website

News January 10, 2021

Baidu Apollo To Test Level 4 Autonomous Cars In Nanjing

Baidu Apollo is allowed to test level 4 autonomous on December 21. It has planned to co-operate with Nanjing and Qinhuai in order to work on self-driving technology and innovation, building infrastructure and connectivity.

News January 7, 2021

MG Will Build A Hatchback Electric Car For 2021

MG is joining the Electric Club too. This is MG company’ plan for the new year. this company wants to present 2 new EV in supermini forms which one of them will be debuted next year. as the Electric Cars’ market is already occupied with other automakers, MG has some Strategies which could increase the sale rate.

Article January 6, 2021

NIO ET7, First NIO's Sedan Would Be Presented In 2021

2021, another Chinese brand in market. NIO, with it chinses name, Weilai has target to do its best for a Blue Sky. This new born Automaker held a 150-kWh battery. On the meeting was not just about the Battery life cycle. In fact, NIO has good news for its upcoming All-Electric Sedan for 2021

News January 4, 2021

More 50 Aspark Owl On Sale, The Japanese Hypercar

Some years ago, the Japanese company has introduced its hyper car, Owl, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The development took more than two years and in 2018 this Owl was officially debuted. They promised to surprise us with this car, and now they did its very well. Now we can see an unbelievable acceleration time in a all-electric hyper car. this car is now ready to go on the sale around the world.

News January 3, 2021

Tesla’s Largest Supercharger Station Belongs To China

The Supercharger stations from Tesla are growing everywhere like mushrooms and China is one of those places to get not only a station, but also to get the biggest station so far! The network is getting bigger and is spreading globally already!

News January 2, 2021

Toyota C+pod, Ultra-Compact Battery Electric Vehicle

Just 100 years ago, society had a vision about the 21th century with flying cars, all electric cars and human like robots. We all had seen some models of these creation, of course not in huge number. Now we can also add the Ultra-compact battery electric Vehicle (BEV), which it would soon be added to the car’s category

News December 26, 2020

The Hyundai Motor’s Mini ‘45’ EV Is There To Help Youngers, By EAVC Technology

Autos are almost everywhere practical. This human’s invention is not just used for the transportation, but also for entertainment. We see many kinds of Auto races. But Hyundai has thought more further what can a car do. This Idea is now turned to the Mini ‘45’ EV. This mini car is for the kids.

News December 25, 2020

Michigan’s Bill To Ban Direct-Sales Showrooms Of Tesla, Rivian And Some Other Brands Could Not Pass Senate

House Bill 6233, tried to ban the direct sell of some EV startup products such as Tesla, Lucid, Riviana ns Polestar. The good new is that it failed to pass the Senate. Apparently, Lucid Motors was the company which spread the good news

Article December 23, 2020

Xpeng G3 Review, A Cheap Chinese EV Car In Europe

Xpeng G3 is one of the latest electric SUV’s from the Chinese automaker Haima Automobile. Hiama started producing Xpeng G3 in 2018 for another Chinese Xiaopeng Motors. The Xpeng G3 first showed up at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and then the production started in the same year and this year it launched in Europe

Reviews December 23, 2020