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The 2021 Buick Envision Rocks The American Market With Avenir Trim

Buick is literally on fire with revealing the 2022 Enclave and the news of the 2021 Envision. The good news is that the pictures of the special American trim have now been revealed. The new Envision has been upgraded both appearance and platform-wise, so it is much more different than the other siblings

News January 22, 2021

Sion The Newest EV Prototype Of Sono Motors At CES

Jung startup, Sono Motors, took the CES event as a chance and at this event introduced its next-generation prototype for the Sion EV. This new born German company, which also gather sponsors throw crowdfunding, by its new prototype showed they are really eager to produce a real environment friendly car

News January 18, 2021

Sony Vision-S Can Be A Dangerous Rival To Other EVs

Last year, we were surprised by Sony at CES, since it unveiled something we did not expect, an EV. We thought it would only stay a concept, a far-fetched dream to the industry. Now after a year, we are even more surprised to hear and see that Vision-S has finally become a prototype

News January 17, 2021

Meet The New Renault 5, A New Electric Model With Unique Design

The French company has come back with a surprise and the fans have gone wild. One the company’s most popular vehicles, the Renault 5 is set to be renewed for 2025 and the model was previewed a few days ago

News January 16, 2021

A Very Bespoke 812 Superfast Ferrari By Tailor Made Division

Ever Luxury Automaker has its own section of Customizing car. it is very obvious that when you spend a huge amount of money, you expect something very special. As a result, Automakers respect the buyer’s desire. What we have here now is a very bespoke Ferrari 812 Superfast. The bespoke division gave this super luxe Car a whole new look. Let’s have look at this exciting naturally aspirated V12

News January 6, 2021

2021 Ford Fusion Active Would Probably Look Like This

The Ford Fusion was dead in 2018 however it seems that this model is not gone for good. It appears that 2021 Ford Fusion Active will be back soon due to the fact that some photos were published online in last couple of days

News January 4, 2021

Do You Care To See How The Future Of Mobility Looks Like? Here Is A Glance of Mini Vision Urbanaut Presented By Mini

Recently, Mini Vision Urbanaut, a digital multifunctional electronic vehicle concept, has been revealed by one of the most beloved carmakers, Mini. Although there are no plans for its production, the concept seems to be a glace of the automotive future

News November 18, 2020

Renault Megane eVision Concept, The Car Without Huge Grille

Renault Megane is a familiar name for all of us. Years of different versions of it. But now, company took one step further. The Megane eVision is going to be product in 2021 and the more surprising news, no big grille. I love this car already

News October 17, 2020

Mission Impossible 7 With The Honorary Presence Of BMW M5

Mission impossible is the one of the favorite movies in the genre of Thrill movies. With the chases Sciences. The first film was on the Silver Cinema Screens in 1996. The star of the movie “Tom Cruise” is still rocking at the movie. But why we are speaking about this film? If you give a look you can see the Auto world Superstar there too. The BMW M5

News October 12, 2020

Two Variants Of The 2021 ‌Buick Envision Are Available In China

Buick launched two versions of the 2021 Envision called the S model and S Avenir model in the Chinese market. Pricing starts from $31,521 for the S variant and $40,122 for the S Avenir

News August 4, 2020

Toyota Supra To Gain A Manual Transmission

Toyota recently revealed its plane to extend the Supra family and the manual trim is one of the models that is considered to add on the production line

News August 1, 2020

Sony Is Actually Testing A Car In Roads

Sony introduced the Vision-S in CES 2020 and now it is doing its road tests. The electric concept has been made by some bits of help from Bosch, NVIDIA, Continental, and Qualcomm

News July 31, 2020

2021 Buick Envision Is Coming To The U.S

Buick Envision will be available soon in the U.S market with a base price of $34,000

News July 28, 2020

Jeep Is Killing More Manual Transmissions

A new study revealed that from 327 car brands only 41 of them still offering manual transmissions. It means that only 13 percent of cars are available with manual gear

News July 22, 2020