A Very Bespoke 812 Superfast Ferrari By Tailor Made Division

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Ever Luxury Automaker has its own section of Customizing car. it is very obvious that when you spend a huge amount of money, you expect something very special. As a result, Automakers respect the buyer’s desire. What we have here now is a very bespoke Ferrari 812 Superfast. The bespoke division gave this super luxe Car a whole new look. Let’s have look at this exciting naturally aspirated V12.

Ferrari 812 Superfast is one of the good-looking cars of Ferrari. It has the same soul of Ferrari. Now we see this car in a new color which is very different from the famous Ferrari color. It is a “Verde Pino” body color by Maranello’s Tailor. As a complementary color, we see the golden color on the car rings and also as a dual hood central stripe. Though These colors are not much alive, but it gave the vehicle a gentle and serious look.

Ferrari 812 Superfast, customized color

Inside the car, again we can see the harmony of gold color. The seats are covered with a type of leather called “Heritage Ghianda,” with “ghianda” being the Italian word for “acorn”. In the central section of interior some fabrics were also used. It is name “Kvadrat Umami”. We see it on the backrest and seat bottom. dashboard, steering wheel, and central tunnel are designed with black color.

ferrari 812 superfast interior tailor made

Having an exclusive design on 812 is not much unfamiliar for the company. They did such designs on the same car in 2009 but the exterior look had changed a lot. So, it was very clever to give a new name to that car. it was called “Omologata”.

interior of ferrari 812 superfast tailor made

Also, these days Ferrari works on a new version of 812 Superfast which would be named as 812 GTO. That car is more powerful and also much lighter. Company has started the tests and, in some month, we could see the unveil of it.

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