Renault Megane eVision Concept, The Car Without Huge Grille

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Renault Megane is a familiar name for all of us. Years of different versions of it. But now, company took one step further. The Megane eVision is going to be product in 2021 and the more surprising news, no big grille. I love this car already. This concept is the vision of a hatchback electric car which is based on the new modular CMF-EV platform. This new platform has thinnest batteries.

2021 Renault Megane eVision Concept

A Well Exterior Design

The Renault Megane eVision's look is really suitable for next decade. Simple and beautiful. As this is a electric car, there is no need of grille. So, company used the chance and filled this space with light. A strip of LEDs gives an astonishing look.

On the sides of the vehicle is no sight of doors knob, as the result the look is more smoother. When passengers approach the car, the door handles pop out. Also, the mixture of black and gold made the car more elegant. The gold gradient starts from the lower part of front and then continue to the roof. The wheels of the car are also special in their kind. They are 20-inch wheels with special designs to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Title</p><p>Renault Megane eVision Concept

Power Unit

Megane has a battery with 60-kilowatt-hour capacity. Also, the electric engine produces 215 horsepower (160 kilowatts) and 221 pound-feet (300 Newton-meters) of torque is delivered to the front wheels. In about 8 seconds the EV accelerates to 100-Kilometers per hour. This company also claimed, the Megane eVision can cover 451 kilometers with a single charge. That is a big range!

"in the same amount of time as internal-combustion vehicles, stops included."

As it is written before, this electric car is based on the CMF-EV platform. This plat form is the same one for the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance vehicles. As the electric motors of this kind are smaller, the engine becomes more compact and smaller. The batteries can be installed vertically or horizontally. Also as the wheels are at the corners, the interior volume has increased.

We are happy with the new work of Renault's but we should wait to see the exact car after all changes are applied. The we judge the beauty.

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