Sony Vision-S Can Be A Dangerous Rival To Other EVs

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Last year, we were surprised by Sony at CES, since it unveiled something we did not expect, an EV. We thought it would only stay a concept, a far-fetched dream to the industry. Now after a year, we are even more surprised to hear and see that Vision-S has finally become a prototype.

At 2021 CES, the company said that they have been working on their new EV all year long. The Sony Vision-S is has now turned into a prototype and has been put to its first real world test in December. Sony also declared that it does not intend to put an end to the project and are working on its development.

Sony Vision-S

The company released a series of videos. Two of them show its new dreamy EV driving on private and then a public road in Austria. The videos clarify that the company is working on the project with some other partners.

The developments include an increase in the number of sensors and a 360-degree awareness. The gesture control, passenger entertainment systems, voice assistant, an occupant monitoring camera and over-the-air updates are included as well.

The occupant monitoring camera is really interesting, since it can recognize the situation of the passengers, so if one of them fall asleep, it would prepare the environment for them, like heating and adjusting the seat for them. On the repeated cycle of habits, the system can understand the driver’s preferences and create a comfortable environment inside the cabin.

The company is investing on the project and according to itself, has been working on it for such long time, but apparently it does not intend to produce it, at least not now.

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